#StudentsFirst internal briefing documents

You know, of all the things on which to focus when it comes to education, the demented emphasis on teaching hiring and firing, on tenure and evaluation, is gobsmackingly perverse. I got ahold of some briefing documents from Students First discussing education policy reforms in Michigan and Ohio.

From my perspective, this is all about establishing a private, corporate structure within public education, kind of letting it rot from the inside out. The concept of tenure, which I don’t think people outside of education really understand, is unique to K-12 and higher education. The private sector, as long as you don’t overtly discriminate, can hire, fire, and downsize however they feel. People fought hard for some protections against impetuous decision-making, especially since an experienced educator is a huge investment for a school system.

My head nearly explodes sometimes when I get together with colleagues and think about all the ways we could improve our preparation of teachers. I can only imagine if I was at the epicenter of the education reform debate.

All those smart, competent people, and this is what they do with their time. I just don’t get it. Actually, when I think of education policy, all I can envision are those awful pant suits recent college graduates wear, with the pants drooping over some kind of pump. Yeah, pant suits.


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