I don’t find this to be an apt comparison at all, not in the slightest. And then to be so flip about it in the conclusion: Mostly, however, the two sides no longer engage about their differences. They just glare and shout. Abortion has nothing on education, except bumper stickers. And I can only assume […]

Yeah, they’re balls, you want to fight about it? Check this ridiculous and infuriating story from Chicago Public Schools with regard to principal evaluations of teachers. Hey, I have a question: when are teachers going to be able to evaluate administrators? You know, maybe teachers could follow some bureaucrat in a cubicle all day and […]

By Suzy Khimm for the Washington City Paper: For those who viewed Michelle Rhee as an anti-union bully, the past few months have offered lots of chances to say “toldya so.” Soon after resigning as the D.C. Public Schools chancellor in October, Rhee began appearing with Republican governors who were busily making war on public-sector […]