The same day that the Globe was telling the story of 50 Harvard doctoral students protesting the takeover of the Graduate School of Education by technocrats, economists, and other corporate water carriers for the Oligarchs, the School warmly welcomed the nation’s most morbidly obese bully governor to belch his rapacious poison against his own teachers, […]

Listen or Download here. Interview Highlights On the Obama administration’s Race to the Top program “Race to the Top is an extension of No Child Left Behind. It contains all of the punitive features. It encourages states to have more charter schools. It said, when it invited proposals from states, that you needed to have […]

It’s interesting to see the new INTASC standards as I am currently reviewing student teaching portfolios using the “old” standards. Initially, standards are all well and good, but it depends on how they’re used. It’s great to have them out there as a guide, but when you begin making requirements out of them, hinging grades […]