My posts may be limited for another day. I was in an elementary school all day today supervising pre-service teachers, then I’ll fly out at the butt-crack of dawn tomorrow to Kansas City for an AMSA meeting. Their website is here. I’ve done a good amount of work on masculinity in education, the lack of […]

Exactly the number of signatures required in Ohio to get the the Koch/Kasich union killing bill onto a November referendum: Now that the Ohio state Legislature has passed legislation limiting the collective bargaining rights of public employees unions, with Gov. John Kasich expected to sign the bill as soon as Friday, the fight moves out […]

Quick update, then I have stuff for my job to consider. She has got to be, now, the winner for least credible in education reform right now. It’s official, could it possibly be a farther and faster fall from grace at this point? She was the paragon of tough-minded reform. For all it’s clout, DC […]