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Who eats a bee, really? I think that story is BS, my opinion.  All right, more back and forth on the Whitmire biography on Rhee. To wit: Whitmire spent many hours visiting Washington D.C. public schools – something I have not done – and so it should count for something when he indicates that based […]

I don’t know, much respect for Mr. Gates and all. How many billions have I made lately? Here’s an op-ed he wrote for the Washington Post today. When you need more achievement for less money, you have to change the way you spend. This year, the governors are launching “Complete to Compete,” a program to […]

From Detroit Lakes-Online: “One of the things I think is a major change that we’re going to make is measuring growth,” Franken said. “What we need are tests that are used to help teachers teach.” Rather than one high-stakes test given in the spring, he said, he’d like to see a series of lower-stakes tests […]