In case you haven’t been following CA education happenings, there has been more than a little dust-up over the newly-enacted “Parent Trigger” legislation and implementation.  Accusations of wrongdoing have been tossed around, confusion reigns, and – if anything – this should tell policymakers and the general public that the legislation ought to be looked at […]

Which foundations will back Rhee’s new org?  Some clues from the Washington Examiner: Rhee said grants from foundations — including several that sponsored the teacher merit pay plan Rhee introduced in the District — will fund Students First, alongside membership dues and individual donations. Her goal is 1 million members and $1 billion. The Laura […]

Since the holiday season is finally beginning to thaw, I thought I would return with something quick and easy. So, someone suggested that early childhood or kindergarten teachers should be paid some obscene amount of money, like $300K, something like that. Inasmuch as I support paying teachers more, should we quibble over how to pay […]

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