This is in response to the suicide of a Rutgers freshman who was “observed furtively” during an “intimate” encounter, in the privacy of his dorm room, by his roommate and another person.  Sexual orientation is utilized as a weapon in our society and unfortunately it is used all of the time in our nation’s schools.  Homophobia […]

ICEF, a Los Angeles-based CMO, announced this week that they are in debt in the short- and long-term, and unlikely to meet payroll deadlines.  Philanthropists, including the Broad Foundation, had to raise $3 million to keep the organization afloat.  Mike Piscal, the fiery CEO, will become the academic leader while Caprice Young steps in to right the […]

I joined some folks from Citizens for Public Education and FairTest who have been out leafleting in West Newton and Brookline, where previews are being held this week in advance of the nationwide release tomorrow, I think, of Waiting for Superman.  Many of the attendees are the well-heeled, but there are many teachers attending, too.  […]