Sent to the Seattle Times, August 30. 2010Dan Goldhaber (“Getting ahead of the teacher-accountability curve,” August 29) points out some of the problems with using growth on standardized tests (value-added analyses) to measure teacher effectiveness. He points out that small differences may not be statistically significant and that factors other than the teacher influence test […]

Here’s more buzz on the new documentary on education, Waiting for Superman. The director’s last film, An Inconvenient Truth, pointed the national discussion towards global warming and climate change.  Inasmuch as I agree with many of the film’s conclusions, I think it backfired a bit and no longer captivates people as much as it did […]

Check out the following exchange on ABC about performance pay. Oh that Arnie Duncan, how will you fail our schools again? UPDATE: Ack, I can’t embed a flash player here. So, here’s the link instead and one to the transcript.