I’m attending the AAUP summer institute in San Diego right now, sitting in on one of the workshops. I learned a lot from the DC conference in June and I am glad to be affiliated with both the national organization and our small university chapter. Everyone’s very nice and gracious. A quick observation, though, and […]

How refreshing it is to see publicly elected officials responding to demands by the public.  From the Detroit News: DARREN A. NICHOLSThe Detroit News Detroit –The City Council voted 6-3 this afternoon against asking voters in November if they want to authorize mayoral control of the Detroit Public Schools. Dozens in the audience erupted in […]

Educators have complained that the standards and tests for reading and math narrow the focus of instruction to just these subjects. Diane Ravitch told us recently that the feds’ reaction to this complaint is simple: Test everything. The professional organizations seem to think this is a great idea. Twenty-one educational organizations are asking for “standards, […]