I’m not ready for a comprehensive reflection on the week. However, I will allude to the fact that I am learning an incredible deal about education and about myself as an educator, in just three days. Seriously. And, when I do a podcast on the topic this weekend, I want to emphasize that all teacher […]

Could it be more than coincidence that while Bill the Oligarch huddled with corporate charterites that a national study would be released showing the bankruptcy of the charter solution? The Christian Science Monitor’s caption for the AP photo: “Bill Gates shakes hands with Nelson Smith, President and CEO of National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, […]

Perhaps over the next four weeks this is going to turn into a reflection based set of oats regarding my experiences back in the elementary classroom. I’m a bit tired to say the least. But one more thing I’ve learned so far: no amount of supervision of pre-service teachers, no number of weekly seminars or […]

Summer school or an increased investment in public libraries?Sent to the Washington Post, June 28, 2010. Jay Mathews notes that that academic achievement declines for low-income students over the summer and concludes that “Summer school is a great tool, if only more students would use it” (June 28). The decline in reading achievement over the […]