A must read: Arizona is now discouraging teachers with thick accents from working with ESL students. First question: what’s wrong with people? Next question: you do know that an important part of working with ESL students is making connections to English using their native language? There’s nothing like good old-fashioned white racist hysteria to throw […]

I was talking to another student yesterday about a virtual field trip they could take with their fifth graders.  We bounced a bunch of ideas around and I then brought up the book One Well out of nowhere.  We talked about issues concerning water: access, sustainability, conservation, pollution, for example.  We started to look some […]

It’s good to see that some schools are responding to the disappearance of the nuclear family.  When I’ve been examining curriculum recently through a gendered lens, the overwhelming majority of issues that stuck out for me in the process dealt with the prominence of heteronormative relations, of the standard mom, dad, kids family structure.  Even […]

I saw this posted on my Facebook feed from a friend today about the superintendent of Rhode Island schools being named in Time’s 100 most influential people list.  I don’t know much about Rhode Island, but I do know that this tiny state was the site of so much controversy when the entire staff of […]

Has Eli Broad found himself another front girl to replace the hapless and snarling Michelle Rhee as the face of corporate ed deform, one who this time around exhibits cheery charm and a sweet smile while sawing off the spurting limbs of public education? The signs are there, with corporate hack Amanda Ripley recruited to […]