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14204_10151153480759366_160997725_nJoin Drs. Shaun Johnson and Tim Slekar every Sunday at 6PM EST on Blog Talk Radio for progressive, pro-public education talk radio. Check for special episodes throughout the week as we bring the listener the latest in the fight for public education in the United States.

In addition to countless activists and educators, we’ve also been joined @ the Chalk Face by Diane Ravitch, Karen Lewis, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Pasi Sahlberg, Bill Ayers, Lois Weiner, John Kuhn, Anthony Cody, Peter DeWitt, and an uber-special episode with musician, author, and public speaker Henry Rollins.

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Ultimately, Tim and I want to bring something unconventional to the larger education reform conversation. We are both seasoned educators by trade and training. But for us, the “wonkish” policy debates don’t connect with students, parents, activists, and fellow educators. The debate occurs in the cloud, detached from the everyday realities of schools where the impact of these larger decisions are felt. Some of this is purposeful; that is, using acronyms like NCLB, RTTT, APPR, CCSS, PARCC, SBAC, AYP, and VAM, for instance, and referring to vague concepts like Value-Added Modeling and other variation of data-collection scams immediately excludes parents, students, and many teachers.

We want to change that. But in defense of a vibrant and healthy culture of public education, @ the Chalk Face does not seek to be the next NPR. We don’t want to sacrifice our passions and frequent outrages. To support the evidence and research that experienced educators like ourselves can distill for the listener, we want to bring our humor, a little edginess, maybe some salty language, to portray a tougher, stronger, and strident coalition against the nefarious tactics of the corporate reform movement.

This isn’t your school marm’s education talk. This is @ the Chalk Face.


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