Enjoy a round-up of posts from around the #edreform blogosphere

Let’s first take a look at a round-up of interesting posts today, more later: Yinzercation publishes a great list of Opt Out FAQs Optimization Zorn, the strange futuristic sounding company testing four-year olds in TX Schools Matter reposts a potential boycott of MSNBC from our own Slek. And, lest we needed any more proof, education […]

Successful freaking weekend in Wisconsin for At the Chalk Face

Man, we kicked ass this weekend. In about ten hours of studio time, we have seven hours of new content coming your way in the next several weeks. We interviewed Jonathan Kozol, CTU President Karen Lewis, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author and scholar Kevin Kumashiro, scholar and author and web-guru of Yinzercation Jessie Ramey, and new student voice […]

Join us At the Chalk Face 6PM EDT, talking Yinzercation ya’ jag-offs!

For your holiday weekend, enjoy our chat with the author of the Pittsburgh-themed education blog Yinzercation this evening at 6PM EDT. And in honor of this, I give you a Yinztagram photo of dogs (two are mine) chasing a Primanti Brothers sandwich.


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