On WTDY the other day, talked Walker’s new #edreform proposals, opposite of free-market

Tim and I recorded an impromptu At the Chalk Face episode on WTDY in Madison yesterday. Tim was in Madison on business, I was at home in my pajamas. I’m guessing it will be broadcast this Saturday to keep up with current events in Wisconsin, like Gov. Walker’s new proposals for education. That’s what we […]

Thanks to @rexcharger for posting our show with Nancy Carlsson-Paige

The radio station that we were broadcasting Sunday shows in Wisconsin went through a bit of a program or format change over the holidays that I think is still being settled. In the meantime, the great shows we’ve recorded are trickling out. For now, you can listen to one on Sound Cloud here. If you […]

@thechalkface and @slekar interview Jonathan Kozol, listen to the segments here


While in Seattle, we passed out some pretty nifty looking At the Chalk Face sampler CDs, courtesy of WTDY. There’s four tracks, two with Nancy Carlsson-Paige and the second two with Jonathan Kozol. These new shows are going to be coming out Sundays at 10AM EDT over the next several weeks. For now, I’m embedding […]

Successful freaking weekend in Wisconsin for At the Chalk Face

Man, we kicked ass this weekend. In about ten hours of studio time, we have seven hours of new content coming your way in the next several weeks. We interviewed Jonathan Kozol, CTU President Karen Lewis, Nancy Carlsson-Paige, author and scholar Kevin Kumashiro, scholar and author and web-guru of Yinzercation Jessie Ramey, and new student voice […]

Live taping of At the Chalk Face this Sunday, call US!!!

So, we’re going to do our first “real” call-in segment At the Chalk Face from Madison. Here’s what I’ve been blasting. Seriously, anything education related, we’re ready for it. Live taping of At the Chalkface for WTDY FM in Madison, Sunday October 21st, 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST, call 1-608-321-0023 to talk to us. Hit […]

About At the Chalk Face Radio

Some housekeeping items and announcements. First, listen to our informal charter school special broadcast yesterday, which you can stream or download here. Second, we’ll be recording new “real radio” episodes of At the Chalk Face for WTDY this coming weekend in Madison, WI. In addition to the intelligent and informed banter from your hosts, we’ll […]

A little audio clip for you in case you don’t understand @thechalkface

And by the way, Diane Ravitch tonight, 6PM EDT. Be there!

Episode 62 of At the Chalk Face coming up at 6PM EDT via #blogtalkradio

New episode coming up at 6PM EDT, Sunday the 15th of July. You can check it live here or wait for the archive version thereafter. Also, I posted updated episodes from the Blog Talk show and for WTDY, downloadable for free via iTunes. All the links are to the right on the homepage, iTunes, WTDY, […]

@thechalkface on #wtdy new new episodes available here and they’re awesome! http://soundcloud.com/jjo-band-camp/sets/the-chalk-face-1

If you have limited time, I would recommend you listen to the fourth segment with Nichole, a Madison, WI area teacher. The three of us play a game where I ask Tim and Nichole to guess if a charter school name is fake or real. You see, the charter movement assumes they own achievement. So, […]

@thechalkface available on iTunes, all episodes, for FREE.

I’ve spent the time and energy. All episodes of At the Chalk Face, from Blog Talk Radio and WTDY, are available for free download on iTunes. When you see “Special Edition,” those are all 17 shows from WTDY. Soundcloud is fine, but it’s not too portable. So, download the shows and support alternative education media. […]

Check out @thechalkface and @slekar hard at work for WTDY Madison


And don’t forget to check us out here. More shows are on the way!! Support progressive edreform media.

@thechalkface and @slekar on WTDY, available soon here and on #itunes. First show with diane ravitch here for now

At the Chalk Face on WTDY will be uploaded over the next couple of days and made available both here and on iTunes for FREE! So, for a taste, here’s our first show from February with Diane Ravitch.

@thechalkace and @slekar were on with @forwardwithkurt of Forward Radio in WI on Friday

We chatted education reform, especially the recent salary debacle imposed by Imperial Walker in WI. Here’s the podcast. What was it, 30 minutes I think?

@thechalkface show five up at WTDY soundcloud, check it!!

Here’s the link. And, while you’re at it, TEXT “CHALK” to 60193 to get a reminder of an upcoming show, Sundays at 10AM EST.

@thechalkface on WTDY, episode 3 available with Ceresta Smith of FL. She kicks a**

Here’s the show page, check it out and support @thechalkface. We chat with Ceresta about merit pay and dubious teacher bonuses based on test scores.


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