Wisconsin #commoncore Senate Bill 619: A conundrum?

Here it is as plain and simple as I can make it. Wisconsin Republicans in the state Senate drafted a bill that essentially turns over the writing of education standards to politicians and kills the common core. Someone has to say it: “Any bill that would allow politicians the ability to directly and/or indirectly write learning […]

#edreform and #commoncore: All aboard Wisconsin’s Crazy Train

What a week and it’s only Wednesday morning.  On Monday morning I went to a press conference held by Wisconsin Democrats from the state assembly to announce that they are introducing “accountability” legislation to counter Republican “accountability” legislation.  At the conclusion of the press conference I simply pointed out that “accountability” is actually the problem […]

Testing “Revolution” in Wisconsin: Wrong or Right?

You kill one and two more rise up to take its place! This is what it feels like dealing with education reformers.  Their sheer ability to resurrect discussions that have been thoroughly run through with a sword is miraculous. For example, Alan J. Borsuk, writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel decided to push more common […]

On WTDY the other day, talked Walker’s new #edreform proposals, opposite of free-market

Tim and I recorded an impromptu At the Chalk Face episode on WTDY in Madison yesterday. Tim was in Madison on business, I was at home in my pajamas. I’m guessing it will be broadcast this Saturday to keep up with current events in Wisconsin, like Gov. Walker’s new proposals for education. That’s what we […]

Thanks to @rexcharger for posting our show with Nancy Carlsson-Paige

The radio station that we were broadcasting Sunday shows in Wisconsin went through a bit of a program or format change over the holidays that I think is still being settled. In the meantime, the great shows we’ve recorded are trickling out. For now, you can listen to one on Sound Cloud here. If you […]

Live taping of At the Chalk Face this Sunday, call US!!!

So, we’re going to do our first “real” call-in segment At the Chalk Face from Madison. Here’s what I’ve been blasting. Seriously, anything education related, we’re ready for it. Live taping of At the Chalkface for WTDY FM in Madison, Sunday October 21st, 3:00 – 5:00 pm EST, call 1-608-321-0023 to talk to us. Hit […]

New @huffingtonpost entry on the #recallwalker and the lessons learned for #teachers’ #unions

In a short phrase: get ready for hell. That’s all I can say. Click over the HuffPo Education for more.

What does the #WIrecall #FAIL teach us about #education?

I’m quite disappointed in this outcome, especially since I was just in Wisconsin and the energy seemed to pull towards the Democrats. That state really mucked it up electing that stink bomb in the first place. The teachers’ unions in the state in particular are going to weather continued assaults. This tells me that power […]

Posts you should read on testing courtesy of @stoptesting15 and @imaginewi

On teachers not being bystanders, one of the biggest problems with bullying are the bystanders. I’ve seen a lot lately not just targeting the actual perpetrators, but also the folks that just stand around and do nothing. That can be just as hurtful. The same holds true to those who stand around and watch their […]

@thechalkface does an appearance on @forwardwithkurt in Madison, listen up!

You can listen to the appearance here. Have I posted this already? I don’t remember. Well, here it is again.

@thechalkace and @slekar were on with @forwardwithkurt of Forward Radio in WI on Friday

We chatted education reform, especially the recent salary debacle imposed by Imperial Walker in WI. Here’s the podcast. What was it, 30 minutes I think?

#Walker in #Wisconsin could slash teacher pay by 30% with new rule change

Need we any more evidence that WI governor Scott Walker is an unimaginable bastard? Sorry for my language. Even if he is recalled, his legislative agenda has laid waste to a viable public sector. It would take years to undo it. Conservatives get some real pleasure, some kind of perverse pleasure, out of sticking it […]

A good primer on the necessity of #teacher #unions from #WI, @imaginewi

I was sent this entry in defense of teacher collective bargaining rights. Man, isn’t this a terrible political climate right now to be making these arguments? I’ll admit that my understanding of the unions is limited. When I taught, I was a member, but not many of us in the school were actually active. Well, […]

@thechalkface on WTDY, episode 3 available with Ceresta Smith of FL. She kicks a**

Here’s the show page, check it out and support @thechalkface. We chat with Ceresta about merit pay and dubious teacher bonuses based on test scores.

UW #education dean and faculty member highlight the threat of #ALEC on #publicschools

I applaud these two courageous faculty members, one a Dean, for noting the disruptive influences of ALEC. You know, who put them on a ballot? Well, ALEC circumvents the electoral process through campaign contributions to state assembly members and creating “model legislation” ready to go. No real changes necessary, other than the state and perhaps […]


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