Myself and others will be part of an SOS webinar on our Occupy2.0 event

Here’s the link, and the blurb: To Occupy or be Occupied, that is the question.  In reality, perhaps the greater question is are we, in this country, preoccupied with high-stakes testing, and teaching only The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] courses? Do we score our youth and define them, their teachers, and schools as successes […]

Remember, remember, register for this on January 27th #optout

Tim Slekar and I will be guests to discuss high-stakes testing at an upcoming webinar. Register here. Share. Attend. The event is being hosted by Parents Across America.


I was invited to do a webinar for the CAAPA Children’s Foundation about the lack of male teachers and caregivers this coming Thursday.  I’ve never done a webinar before, not too worried, but I thought I would attach the Powerpoint presentation I created for it.  I’ll report how it goes.


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