DCPS sidelines test-based teacher evaluations. Fine, but…

This from Diane Ravitch. And others. Henderson described the move “as necessary in order to allow students to acclimate themselves to new tests built around the standards established by the Common Core.” That’s a very sensible move. I have, however, one caveat. DCPS evaluates its teachers using the IMPACT system. It may look a little […]

Back from vacation to crowdsource a problem with school enrollment

Help. My elementary school in a low-income part of Washington, DC needs its community to enroll its children in school. Otherwise, we’re going to have a problem. In previous weeks, and in weeks to come, myself and others are canvassing surrounding neighborhoods to ensure that students are enrolled in school. Previously, I’ve called this “predatory […]

To those who would argue for flat funding for all schools

While so-called “priority” schools languish in Washington, DC, all from low-income black and brown neighborhoods, I am to understand that PTA/PTO/HSA organizations in more affluent areas of our nation’s capital are able to raise upwards of $500K additional funds to, for instance, hire full-time paraprofessionals in every class. A half-a-million dollars.  Are you kidding me? […]

Learning from returning to the classroom: Setup week

College professor back to teaching. Steep curve ahead. What have I learned so far? I can easily spend roughly $800 getting ready for Kindergarten, but saved a good amount building some things like sand and water tables. The Common Core Standards, for Kindergarten at least, offers me absolutely no guidance whatsoever. It is thin soup. […]

Returning to the classroom in Washington, DC

My new classroom as is.

I posted a video discussing this, but I pulled it. It needed tweaking. The thesis: I walked away from teacher education and am returning to classroom teaching. This time, I’ll be teaching Kindergarten at an elementary school in Congress Heights, Washington, DC. It’s not a charter. It’s your everyday DCPS public school. I will have […]

Check out our new episode with Jesse Hagopian


You can listen here, great discussion, and a great call from a Portland area teacher. Good food for thought. At the same time Jesse and supporters are boycotting the MAP, and winning concessions, they are developing an alternative assessment structure based on their values as the actual educators. They are creating an assessment vacuum, so […]

From the Rick Smith Show, Part I of Live Interviews from Occupy 2.0

11:00 Galen Munroe, Teamsters Press Secretary on why so many Teamsters are setting up picket lines against Republic Services 33:04 Matt Farmer, Chicago Parent on the current wave of community destruction and how Arne Duncan started the process years ago 48:54 Kris Neilson on how we can fight for equitable education outside the classroom 1:02:46 […]

Not based on the best example of WW2 prop, but I think this captures #scrapthemap



Consider crowd funding occupy the doe 2.0, coming up this April @unitedoptout


UOO is trying to fund trips for students to attend the event in Washington, DC this April. Click the picture to access the GoFundME page and think about making a contribution. Plus, you get some serious swag depending on how much you give.

Michelle Rhee is a terrible comedian

Something was brought to my attention just yesterday and I thought I’d investigate. Emperor Rhee Palpatine is all over the place because of her new book. I was told that she impersonated an African-American student during a welcome speech to DCPS teachers a couple of years back. As it turns out, Bill Turque for DC […]

Will return to the classroom once again in a few weeks, check in with my post @insidehighered

This summer, same school, but it will be third grade and not the usual fifth. I think that will be a nice change. I will say this again: I would not be a good teacher educator if I did not return to the classroom and face the new realities, even for a short time. If […]

Round up of anti-test and #education #activism tales from around the country

Congressman Joe Baca of CA (D) is calling for a national moratorium on NCLB-style standardized testing. Here’s his website as well. Here’s an interesting op-ed in South Carolina that rails against testing.  Finally, a group of roughly 600 families in Snohomish County, Washington are going to opt out of their state tests this year. Some […]

#Saveourschools March

  I want to urge everyone to join the cause Save our Schools, which will be organizing a march on Washington this summer. I’ve agreed to assist with getting information out in Maryland, so feel free to ask me questions directly. Or, you can check out the website and get what you need there.

So much to #read and #write in #education

So, so much to do, and so little time. Let’s get started with a review of Whitmire’s tall tale of former schools, uh, galactic emperor Rhee (again, no link for the book itself on purpose, find it yourself). It’s funny, being so familiar with DC, I know the politics surrounding gentrification have been sensitive for […]


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