A round-up of some important stories out there on testing

From the asinine: DC custodial staff evaluated by test scores Here’s a plane being assembled mid-air. And finally, a lawsuit brewing in FL over evaluations based on students they never taught. Happens everywhere people.     

College Board to revamp SAT, from @washingtonpost

As the title says. But this, to justify: As soon as Coleman became president of the College Board in October, he said the SAT could be improved. Before joining the board, he helped write the Common Core standards in English for kindergarten through grade 12 that have been adopted by 46 states and the District. The […]

Have you seen this apology from a high school teacher? #highered

I’m really liking Ken Bernstein’s apology to higher education faculty from a high school teacher. Actually, it’s a warning. A warning, it is. From my experience, I just started recently teaching freshmen who could have been fifth graders I taught years ago at the pre-dawn of NCLB. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of perspective […]

Kopp’s shameless self-promotion in the guise of a Kozol book review


“Ms. Kopp’s husband, Richard Barth, was an Edison executive before taking over as CEO of KIPP’s national foundation, where he has sought to decertify its New York City unions.” — Jesse James Alred One thing I’ll concede to the corporate education reformers is their uncanny ability to use anything as a sales pitch for neoliberalism […]

A new way for me to think about #HST from the Answer Sheet via @valeriestrauss

An interesting piece in The Answer Sheet. So, yeah, to get into medical school, or even graduate school, you have one day of testing for a few hours, give or take. To get you out of third, fourth, or fifth grade in elementary school, you have to be tested for roughly 12 hours, and that’s being […]

#TFA advances a #conservative #edreform agenda

Not necessarily a Republican agenda, but a small-c conservative one. That’s what history professor Andrew Hartman claims, and I of course agree.  But here’s a point that resonates with me in particular: In 1988, Princeton student Wendy Kopp wrote a thesis arguing for a national teacher corps, modeled on the Peace Corps —  the archetype of liberal volunteerism […]

What’s up dusters, have a good holiday? Well, I’m back with a perfect #edreform score!

Happy Holidays! Back online! It’s amazing how lost in the wilderness I feel when not connected at home here in Pittsburgh. That’s probably a good thing, you know? In any case, I took the edreform quiz from the Answer Sheet, got myself a perfect score. How about you? And the whole thing about Dusters in […]

The “viral-ness” of a Florida school board member taking an #FCAT #test, from the #Answer #Sheet

The Answer Sheet today goes a bit further into the conversation surrounding that one guy in Florida who took an actual FCAT test. There’s also a plug for opt out in there, which is great, keep it going! In any case, I said this before: thousands of teachers have been saying over and over again […]

#College and #career ready is a really terrible phrase

And to hear Melody Barnes on the Daily Show repeat it several times rubs me wrong like nails on a chalk board. http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:comedycentral.com:404327 The Daily ShowGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook

The #school #board member taking the #test: is this just another occasion of #teacher voices being ignored?

Whoa, that’s a long title. Nevertheless, I keep reading about this school board member who took the Florida high school test and earned a D. Interesting. Tim and I talked about it At the Chalk Face (hint, hint) yesterday. I support it. It’s all fun and that and junk. However, haven’t teachers and students been […]

At the Chalk Face on #blogtalkradio

I know I tweeted this 100 times while doing the show, but episode 38 is up for a listen. Check it out. And, mark your calendars for next Friday the 16th at 4PM for episode 39. I haven’t updated iTunes in a while, I have to get on that. Maybe this weekend.

#School #choice #FAIL

Great op-ed in WaPo about the ground game in the school choice movement from the perspective of a parent whose family was supposed to be better served by a little competition. Not so: The situation for Washington’s working- and middle-class families may be bleak, but we are hardly alone. Despite the lack of proof that […]

Explain this whole #Rhee speaking fees #contract thing

OK, so you heard it here folks: I broke the Rhee contract story, that she receives up to $50K to talk about education. I want every reader out there to do something for me. I’m an open book, so please, here’s my most recent CV. Take it! I’m a new professor, relatively young, still trying […]

The #Answersheet at #WaPo picked up my piece on #Rhee’s contract

The title says it. Here’s the Post piece. And, here’s my previous post on the contract business.

What about those Fins and their #education?

I hear we should consider “transporting” the Finnish education system here, or at least some of their ideas, says The Answer Sheet. I’ve heard this time and again. And, the same issue props up for me, even in this new post: what are those ideas? Seriously. I never hear anything specific. Sure, there’s the whole […]


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