Round up of links from the student #CPSboycott today. Congrats!

Pretty shameless, but I must first plug our special radio episode today with veteran Chicago arts educator Ellen Gradman, live from the events downtown. Then, a Yahoo News article in which Mark Naison and I are quoted. We also have a piece from Common Dreams and Huffington Post. Look for a special episode with student […]

Newark Student walkout today, check out the video #stuvoice

Students walking out of #TCAP in Colorado, #stuvoice

Student power, need we say more. Students are doing what students can do, stepping aside during a state-mandated test that means nothing. If you’re in Colorado, consider supporting them.

Could the #AFT and #NEA promote an actual walkout? What is there to lose?

I see that educators in Rio staged a walkout to boycott their national exams: The walkout called by the Teachers Union of the State of Rio de Janeiro, SEPE, is not an isolated local event. The SAERJ imposed by [Rio state governor] Sérgio Cabral is a key component of his Goals Plan, and only the […]


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