Final Act of Small-Minded Bitterness by Wake’s Gang of Five


After Wake County voters re-established sanity last month by voting out the resegregationist school board majority, the Gang of 5 met one last time behind closed doors to rescind a previous offer to mediate trespassing cases against citizens who publicly resisted the end to the socioeconomic diversity program earlier this year. If there could conceived […]

Save Diversity in Wake County Schools: Vote on Tuesday

From NPR: Not long ago, I posted on the challenge North Carolina represents for President Obama who won the state in 2008 and badly needs it in his column again. I mentioned a New Yorker piece by Jane Mayer on Art Pope, the conservative North Carolina businessman who has reshaped his state’s politics more towards […]

Wake County Lame Duck Segregationists Hustle to Approve Anti-Diversity Plan

Despite an election that has changed the face of the Tea Party controlled school board, and despite public questions and appeals to go slow, the defeated school board chair, Ron Margiotta, has put the new anti-diversity plan on next Tuesday’s school board agenda.  Mobilize the stop the premature vote that defies the wishes of Wake […]

Federal Civil Rights Investigators Come to Wake County and Hear Plenty

The Tea Party Five and their Broadie superintendent, Gen. Tata, are on the hot these days with Civil Rights investigations and damning reports that could lead the loss of accreditation of Wake County high schools.  From WRAL: Raleigh, N.C. — Nearly a year after filing a federal complaint against Wake County Schools, the state NAACP […]

NC Tea Party Working to Insure Wake County Resegregation Holds

Recently the Koch-Heads in the North Carolina legislature introduced a bill that would have the State create its own school accreditation body, just in case AdvanceEd votes to withdraw accreditation for Wake County high schools for the County’s irresesponsible and mis-educative resegregation practices. Now some of the same geniuses that sponsored that bill have brought […]

Wake County School Board’s Koch Heads Called Out in Scathing Accreditation Report

Advance Ed issued its long-awaited report yesterday that focused on wholesale policy changes aimed at re-segregating Wake County Schools.  The Tea Party’s Gang of Five school board majority did not fare well in a report.  From WRAL, Rev. Barber: “All voters, parents, teachers, students and anyone interested in improving Wake County schools should study this […]

Will Wake County Citizens Allow the Koch Brothers and the John Birch Society Run Their Schools?

From Think Progress: Today in the Washington Post, reporter Stephanie McCrummen detailed how a right-wing campaign in the Wake County area of North Carolina has taken over the school board with a pledge to end a very successful socio-economic integration plan. The integration plan, which created thriving schools in poor African-American parts of the school […]

Hope Rising to Challenge Despair in Wake County

Wake County School Board’s Gang of 5 has been working overtime since last year’s local election to undo one of the most successful socioeconomic integration plans in the nation.  John Tedesco has been the diminuitive driver of the anti-diversity Koch-funded forces who, until last week, seemed about to succeed in putting in place a policy […]

Wake County’s Teabagger 5 Policies Under Review by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Well, well. Killing the most successful diversity program in the nation may have its costs when it comes to accreditation for Wake County high schools. From the News & Observer: RALEIGH The agency that accredits Wake County’s high schools is reviewing all of the major policy changes adopted by the new school board majority, including […]

Wake County Republicans Try to Make Resegregation Plan All About Busing

Until national attention was finally drawn to the racist Tea Party’s Gang of Five on the Wake County School Board, the Republican Party had been content to let the haters of Wake’s school diversity plan frame their argument as being opposed to liberal “social engineering.”  This thinly disguised racist meme was uttered by all of […]

Wake County’s Gang of Five: 19th Century Pols in a 21st Century Community

Not only have these teabaggers on the school board destroyed the most successful school integration program in the nation, but now they are going after the books.  All the books.  Read this great feature from IndyWeek: About Deborah Westmoreland. She called me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I knew that the Wake […]

Pope, Luddy, and Wake County’s Gang of Five Embrace Privatization–Publicly


(Photo: SHAWN ROCCO for the News & Observer) When 95 percent of the voters stayed home in Wake County’s school board election last fall, they could not have imagined what a civics lesson they were about to receive–the hard way. The newly elected Gang of Five, led by the morbidly stupid Ron Margiotta, is hellbent […]

Will Resegregationist Republicans Kill Diversity in Wake County Tomorrow?

In September 2007, thousands marched in Jena, Louisiana against nooses hung in trees and the racist treatment of students who had the audacity to react to such threats. Now a much bigger noose looms in Wake County, NC as five Republican members of the nine-member Board of Education cast a final vote on whether they […]

NAACP Calls for Segregationist Board Chair of Wake County to Step Down

From WRAL: Raleigh, N.C. — Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, joined the state chapter on Tuesday in calling for the resignation of Wake County School Board Chairman Ron Margiotta after comments he made during a heated public hearing on March 2. Margiotta could be […]

Wake County Board Chair Demands Respect for Racist Policy While Calling Critics Animals

Photo from TAKAAKI IWABU – The Wake County School Board’s lead buffoon, Ron Margiotta, offered an non-apology for his “caged animal” remarks yesterday. Meanwhile the media has focused on complaints by parents of children having to be bused long distances to school as a result of the school diversity plan, which has been in […]


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