David Berliner @ the Chalk Face offers some words of wisdom.


I paraphrase, check the audio: If you’re going to be a profession of sheep, then you’ll be run by wolves. Great conversation.

K12NN: American Statistical Association has just released a very important document on Value Added Methodologies

VAM/AGT and other neoliberal corporate reforms have all scientific validity of phrenology. They're just as racist as well.

First published April 9, 2014 on K-12 News Network “The President of the United States and his Secretary of Education are violating one of the most fundamental principles concerning test use: Tests should be used only for the purpose for which they were developed. If they are to be used for some other purpose, then […]

DCPS and the WTU: A Negotiation Showdown or an Opportunity to Repair?

During the coming negotiation rounds between DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson and the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) President, Elizabeth “Liz” Davis, the following issues need further elaboration: How has IMPACT 2.0 faired in the 40 lowest performing schools? What is the teacher turnover rate within these schools, especially for Group 1 teachers? Is the current classroom observations’ […]

Comparing CC Support with Evidence Against

AFT president Randi Weingarten has recently changed positions on value-added methods (VAM) for teacher evaluation, but maintains support for Common Core (CC). With that shift to rejecting VAM, based on the solid evidence base that shows high-stakes implementation of VAM is at least complicated if not misleading, I would like to request that Weingarten and AFT apply […]

DCPS IMPACT Error? Thoughts from one of the “forty-four.”

TLF-Graphic (1)

As a DCPS teacher, I was one of the “forty-four” whose evaluations needed “adjustment.” Although I’m not assigned to Group 1, which is the “group” associated with standardized test scores, my Teaching and Learning Framework (TLF) component needed re-calculation. As I prepared for the holiday break, I received the following email: Note: Final rating (“category”) […]

VAM, Sham, Thank You Ma’am

Here’s a short, but hopefully sweet, three-minute speech on why I believe VAM is an unfair measure. ~ @angelcintronjr

Bullying by Numbers: Value-Added Measures

Click to enlarge this mess

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the evaluation focus for public education has moved quickly away from students and rapidly towards teachers and schools.  The propaganda is everywhere, and too many people are convinced by the mantra, “the greatest factor of student success is the teacher in the classroom.”  I don’t know who […]

Our show with the inescapable Mercedes Schneider.

Here it is. VAM. Teacher preparation. CCR.

Most Credible VAM Argument Is 0%

At the Shanker Institute, a debate about value-added methods (VAM) for teacher evaluation was detailed on Twitter (@shankerinst), including comments from Tom Kane (Harvard) who makes two comments worth noting: Shanker Institute ‏@shankerinst Kane: Need to move from talking about WHETHER to use value-added and more about HOW to do so. #VAMuses Shanker Institute ‏@shankerinst Kane: Nobody […]

The P&C, Here We Go Again; Or, Let’s Link Journos’ Pay to Doing the Research

The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) has yet to see a bad education reform idea it could reject. This time they are endorsing merit pay and linking teacher pay to student test scores. I sent this letter to the editor: It is careless and irresponsible journalism to continue to endorse education reform that has no […]

How Much Value Added for Divorce?

How about having some freakin’ Common Core Standards on how to teach kids about surviving their parents’ divorce? Watching this HBO documentary, “Don’t Divorce Me!” got me thinking about how utterly ridiculous and destructive this entire high stakes accountability policy actually is in the real world, where most of us live. How many points, data adjustments or […]

Do you think the accountability hacks get sexual gratification from pummeling teachers?

2uhye (1)

Seriously. There has to be some kind of fetish with this stuff, some kind of sexual fantasy. This from The Answer Sheet. Do you have any idea how humiliating this poor woman does any good whatsoever? This kind of public display of humiliation of an educated person does absolutely no good, I’m serious. I think that’s […]

Tennessee Using SAT-10 In 85 Percent of K-2 Classrooms for Teacher Evaluation Purposes

That’s right–high stakes testing is not just for kids who can read and count anymore.   Commissioner (M. Rhee’s ex) Huffman is leading an effort to make sure that children in 117 of its 137 districts are provided funding to fully test before the onset of literacy.  Had Huffman ever had a course in child […]

Just Acquired: Slide one from a USDE presentation on new accountability program #QUIZM

Screen Shot 2013-06-11 at 12.34.40 AM

Does this slide not look oddly familiar? It must be some kind of really terrible government Powerpoint template. And to think, as a result of this initiative, schools are actually using Powerpoint presentations in real classrooms. All of this money spent on technology and it just gets us Powerpoints on DELL’s. Awful. In any event, […]

Sent by Jon Lubar, a few words on chronic absenteeism

I invited a guest speaker to come into one of my classes who teaches at one of worst high schools in the country–literally, it’s on a list. In any event, this teacher stated that of the 120 students or so on record, he’ll see in a good day about half of them. And since he’s […]


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