Why I Will Occupy the DOE in April

In the last month of 2007, I finished my first real semester of being a teacher.  It was an accomplishment that I chalked up to being my most difficult and most rewarding.  I couldn’t wait to start the next year, and I worked all summer to prepare for it–going over the things I didn’t like […]

#OPTOUT graphic from @unitedoptout in support of a day without testing on Monday

Various activities are organized based on levels of “risk.” This is not to say that these activities are dangerous, I mean, let’s be real here. Nevertheless, everyone must be made aware of the potential for reprobation when being critical of ideologies backed, not by research, but by power.

Members of @unitedoptout to be #soschat guests next week, 9PM EDT

Here’s the flyer. Looks great! Next week, if you want to talk standardized testing and other issues, use the hashtag #soschat and join the convo.

Livestream link for #occupy the doe event, @unitedoptout

Here’s the link to the livestream account where all of the days events and teach-ins were broadcast. You can view all on archive, speakers from Mike Klonsky, Jesse Turner, Steve Krashen, David Greene, and others. Enjoy.

@thechalkface pre-occupied with #occupy the usdoe in DC

Much reportage is going to come out of our momentous event this past weekend over the coming days and weeks, so I hope you don’t spoil from it. And I’ve neglected to post here in the last several days. Chalk Face wants to emphasize one item for now. The group United Opt Out National  met with […]

Oh, have you heard, Occupy the DOE in DC this weekend? Huh… interesting, @unitedoptout #optoutreach

Here’s a little background information for you.

The “other half” of @thechalkface waxes #optout on a local CBS show today, @unitedoptout

Here’s the interview, and we see the actual poster, that’s pretty cool. Co-founder Tim, oohh reeaaally? I’m just kidding. Great stuff.  

Livestream info for Occupy the DOE in DC March 30th to April 2nd, host a viewing party! @unitedoptout

Here’s a flyer with information, pass it along!! LIVESTREAM FLYER UOO

From NYC parents on an #optout of their children, @unitedoptout

A very passionate plea. Read here for deets. My favorite part? However, we refuse to be intimidated by threats coming from the Department of Education into submitting to practices that we consider both unethical and harmful to our children. And we will challenge any actions taken by the DOE to punish our child or his wonderful […]

See press release for @unitedoptout

Here’s a link to a recent press release sent by United Opt Out on their event coming up on March 30th.

Opt out chronicles continue for @slekar and @unitedoptout

Powerful letter.

@unitedoptout released a long form press release, please forward to any major media outlet as you see fit

Here’s a downloadable copy of a long form press release with contact information. In order to raise awareness of our Occupy the DOE event coming up on March 30th, if you can help, please consider forwarding this to any local medial outlet. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OPT OUT AND OCCUPY THE DOE A full text of […]

#Occupy the DOE in DC March 30th, @unitedoptout

Awww yeah, Occupy the DOE in DC @UnitedOptOut twitter.com/thechalkface/s… — SP Johnson (@thechalkface) February 13, 2012

@Unitedoptout responds line by line to the scare tactics of the IDOE regarding #HST

Here it is, a rebuttal to the Indiana DOE threatening arrest for parents who may keep their children home from testing. Actually, they need only keep their children home for math or reading, not necessarily both. So, there you have it.

Just a few things on #ALEC and #edreform to continue your day, enjoy

On ALEC setting the education agenda, make sure you know about this organization. A teacher’s story about why they’re leaving public education. And, a word on school choice from fab Dr. Morna McNulty.


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