The Axiom of the Abandoned: “I Am the Union”

Source: Washington Post

I am pro-union.  Teachers need strong representation and advocacy.  But it’s broken right now. Just when I thought that the speeches and editorials from Dennis Van Roekel and Randi Weingarten were showing a turn-around back to reality, and just when I thought those two were going to start fighting for public education and their members, […]

NEA and AFT Offer Appeasements; Locals Prefer Democratic Response


An article appeared in the Albuquerque Journal recently, titled, Two Teacher Unions Step Up Actions Against PED.  The article outlines how the national and state-level unions plan to put pressure on the New Mexico Public Education Department (NM PED) in order to treat teachers more fairly. Read the article here: Here is my response: I’m […]

From Wayne Au on Facebook: MI teachers’ union encourages boycott of student teachers #highered

What an interesting idea: refuse student teachers from a university that supports a certain reform initiative. As a humble graduate student, like a lot of graduate students everywhere in teacher education, I/we did all of the dirty work. We were the ones low enough on the old totem pole to actually do the field work […]

Beyond a seat at the table: FOOD FIGHT!!

Teacher union members have been asking for our national and state associations to stand up for our profession as they have capitulated on policies such as teacher evaluations using test scores and cheerleading for the Common Core.  Some union leaders have expressed the importance of compromise and negotiation in the political world touting they have […]

Started a profile at myEDmatch for kicks, what a strange, reformy thing this is

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 8.57.20 PM

I saw that a friend on Facebook “liked” something called myEdmatch. Apparently, finding a teaching job is like online dating. To wit: Complete the Core Beliefs Profile so myEDmatch can suggest schools that would be good matches based on your core beliefs about education. So, is this tHarmony, or something? I filled out some beliefs with […]

On the pro-union Rick Smith show this evening, talking testing.

Here’s the show’s website here. I’ll see about posting an archive thereafter. This is a new place we should all consider following.

Lois Weiner’s book: join the club

Online book club starting soon. Click the image for info and how to get the book on holiday discount from Haymarket.

Takeaways from the #ctustrike: collaboration?

The author here suggests that one of the biggest takeaways from the teachers’ strike in Chicago is collaboration, or perhaps what the AFT refers to as “solutions driven unionism.” She underscores a positive case example in my home state of MD: Successful examples of smart educational investment in partnership with teachers’ unions do exist. Take […]

Wish we could join @ctulocal1 and #CTU #teachers for Labor Day

labor day rally

You best be there if you’re FOR public education in Chicago. [click the post title for the poster]

Quoting labor scholar so someone can explain the #AFT alliance with #gatesfoundation

To quote Stanley Aronowitz (1983, p. 160): “Some who have advocated the return to ‘basic’ education as the primary focus of elementary and secondary schools have, indeed, invoked machine methods as effective for socializing students to the office and the factory of the future where the interaction of the worker with the machine replaces human […]

Peg With Pen (@unitedoptout) has a great piece on the sell out #union leadership, #AFT, #UFT, & #NEA

Peg calls them out for what they are: sell outs. I’m going to have to read this report on Transforming the Teaching Profession. From what Peg quotes, it sounds vague, ambiguous, ambivalent, generic, placating, and conciliatory. Make sure children are fed and safe? Are you serious? Such common sense so common that Common probably wrote […]

Great speech to the school board in Miami-Dade, FL

There’s a lot of anti-union stuff going on in Florida right now, especially measures that actually hinder the ability of teachers to actually do their job in a way that makes them successful. It’s almost as if these M-F’ers want public school teachers to fail their students. Could that be it? Here’s the speech:

Robert D. Skeels: How Administration Tries to Cow Teachers Into Submission

Talk by PESJA/CEJ activist and District 2 LAUSD Trustee Candidate Robert D. Skeels at the Support Cadre Resisting Administrative Maltreatment (SCRAM) Caucus Meeting at CTA State Council of Education on January 29, 2012. Special thanks to John Cromshow of KPFK and SCRAM for arranging the event.

The #NEA is suffering a membership crisis. Well, that’ll learn you!

I can’t say why membership in the NEA is declining: Over the last three years, the NEA has shed around 169,000 members, and while an increasing number of its ranks are retiring, the union is facing something of a numbers crisis among working education employees. Perhaps it is an economic downturn, or is it that […]

Still burned, but forgiving #Ravitch

There was a time I was quite burned by Diane Ravitch. As an up and coming social studies teacher educator, I did not like to hear from various conservative reformers, one of whom was Ravitch, that a social studies focusing somewhat on social critique or social justice was partly responsible for the dumbing down of […]


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