@thechalkface is going mainstream, our official press release #NPEConference

We’re in Austin, TX for the first Network for Public Education conference with an actual radio crew as we find our way towards a mainstream and syndicated radio presence, in particular to topics in education. Here’s a link to our official press release from syndication. If you have a moment, consider helping us by forwarding […]

This is why the Tea Party can shove their anti #commoncore sentiment #tcot

Update: I was told this was parody. Ah well. It happens. I snicker at the folks tricked by the Onion, and here I go, snookered just the same. Tea Party zealots have been rather late to the party, actually. In only the last few months or so have they sought fit to propose anything related […]

Do Not Shake Hands with #commoncore

Some days it is terribly overwhelming to read the comments of despair and desperation from parents who are trying to figure out how to help their children who are suffering from severe anxiety after being told they will be retained due to failing the state test. Many of these children must take the test multiple […]

Edy the Warrior


I have never been to Austin, Texas, so I have no idea how clean it is.  I know that the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” is very well known in the U.S. (and that littering fines can be hefty), but corporate reform fighters like Edy Chamness are giving that slogan a new meaning. The Texas […]

Enjoy a round-up of posts from around the #edreform blogosphere

Let’s first take a look at a round-up of interesting posts today, more later: Yinzercation publishes a great list of Opt Out FAQs Optimization Zorn, the strange futuristic sounding company testing four-year olds in TX Schools Matter reposts a potential boycott of MSNBC from our own Slek. And, lest we needed any more proof, education […]

TX honor roll student jailed for #truancy: I’m dubious… now UPDATED!

Perhaps an outrage and abuse of power. An over-worked high school student in TX was jailed for 24 hours for missing school one too many days. Apparently, she works two jobs and takes college level credits. Obviously, the judge is making an example of her, which he admits. The only reason I’m dubious though is […]

The deplorable state of #texas #schools, a $$$ problem indeed

The NYT has a piece up about the shoestring budget schools are faced with in Texas. Huh, no mention that a couple hundred districts are choosing the OPT OUT of state testing mandates. Texas Miracle my left butt cheek!

@johnkuhntx makes a passionate speech against #HST and how it’s ruined #education

I think John Kuhn, a district superintendent in Texas who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during the SOS March, made perhaps one of the most passionate cases AGAINST test-based reforms that I have seen in recent memory. Here’s a good quote below, click here for the rest. This government has allowed state testing to […]

John Kuhn at the #SOSMarch

Check out this freaking guy at the SOS rally. I had dinner with him, Tim Slekar, and other folks from PA. We saw Mary Landrieu a few tables away. Several of us had the dirty rice. Discuss.

#Texas #charter #school network under scrutiny

I’ve discussed this before, and as a result, looked up some stuff on the Gulen Movement, read a few book chapters. I don’t know nearly enough about Islam to get the main points, but from my recollection–and this was several months ago–I didn’t get it. That is, there were a lot of platitudes in the […]

Another Texas "Miracle!"

Here’s what happens when you let Pearson come up with growth models to evaluate schools: How schools get credit for a TAKS zero By RICK CASEYHOUSTON CHRONICLE July 6, 2010, 10:54PM Houston state Rep. Scott Hochberg isn’t your normal glad-handing politician. Known as perhaps the only elected official in Texas who really understands the state’s […]

Customer service

It seems as if the whole paying teachers based on performance is creeping up into higher education, in Texas at least. I wonder if the same models are being applied to K-12 and university education.  It seems that way, especially if the K-12 mandate is being labeled anew as “college and career readiness.”  You can’t […]

Texas two-step

If the conservative board members in Texas decide to celebrate their victory over ideologically-based changes to the social studies curriculum, then I hope they two-step off a cliff into a vat of Texas-tea.  Just head over to LA and you should be able to find some. All right, I kid.  But they are nearing a […]

"Whatever we do, they want to make it look like we are dumb morons. They’re very effective, dadgummit."

Anything involving Texas State Board of Education Chair Don McLeroy is bound to to be controversial-slash-hilarious-slash-horrifying. His most recent interview does not disappoint. From the Globe and Mail’s John Allenmang: ‘They want to make it look like we are dumb morons’ The Texas Board of Education is adjusting its curriculum to reflect conservative values. How […]

Points for Honesty

From David Dunn, executive director of the Texas Charter Schools Association (via TexasInsider): Think of it this way, charter schools are the result of free market capitalism principles applied to education. If we’re following the new Texas social studies standards, the proper label would be “free enterprise” principles, Mr. Dunn.


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