The iPads were literally sitting untouched on the play table, next to the play cutlery, plates, and a giant wedge of plastic cheese. #edtech

It’s easy to fascinate and receive kudos from the broader education community when you can do something interesting with technology. Before this school year started, I was asked to lead a technology club after school for fourth and fifth grade students. After brainstorming what was possible, what I wanted to do, what students might want […]

Perhaps tech sector, or whatever, should read up on #edpolicy in the States @igniteflow @JonathanHaynes @SLSingh #edtech

I’ve attempted some very minimal coding. Some people are really geeking out over it, thinking that teaching young persons to code is going to heal the world, or something. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting idea. The practical realities of these initiatives, however, seem to elude many advocates. Nevertheless, the Year of Code overseas […]

Required viewing for all #edtech enthusiasts

Seriously. Minimize screen time, especially for the youngest. It’s a sad habit.

A basic assumption about #commoncore that’s insufficient #edtech

Very simple. I’ve heard many arguments about how stupendously awesome common core is and will be. Regarding the tests, I hear frequently that they’re better because, quite simply, they’re on the computer. So, on computer automatically means better.  I see. Innovation.

With or without #edtech, same goals are possible


Fantastic image. Great point. Seems like #edtech is being sold as the end and not a means to an end, with or without technology. The problem with the push for edtech in some regard is the gobs of money to be made of selling these tools, which is exclusive from their pedagogical value.

Is #ISTE13 a substantive debate on #edtech or just a business convention?

I’m guessing the latter based on sponsorship (Microsoft, Pearson, DELL, etc.). The really interesting thing is to examine the various presentations and you start to wonder who’s an actual scholar versus some company hack trying to sell something. It’s difficult with all of the organizations and research firms that are made to sound like some […]

Innovation Like 1954!: The Technology Khan Continues

Sal Khan is the twenty-first century version of a template that stretches back to the nineteenth century: Championing the so-called cutting-edge technology as the savior for all educational problems. To see how ridiculous these claims are, and always have been, view the video below and insert any technology advocate you want, but I recommend Khan: […]

#Blended Learning is cheap learning, isn’t it? #edtech


This isn’t a reaction to anything in particular, but when I do happen to glance at something about “Blended learning,” I always feel like advocates want to get the same learning for half the price. Technology in this instance means to replace certain more expensive teaching functions with videos and other nonsense. When the private […]

Our interview with @ctulocal1 president Karen Lewis did a few things for me

Here’s the interview on Blog Talk Radio. What’s remarkable is that she spent so much time with us considering how busy things are going to be. In any event, I had a few persistent thoughts after the interview. One, the formula for underutilization in Chicago is partly based on square footage. That was a really […]

The crowd at #SXSWedu and #edtech could ultimately learn from this.

A great article from the NYT on Sunday comes at a pretty good time, given the passing of SXSW in Austin, TX these last few days. I was, of course, not in Texas, but I followed conversations and happenings online related to education, or the hashtag #SXSWedu. You get the impression that a lot of […]

Applying skill biased technical change to the #teaching profession (I think)

I’m trying to finagle a new idea in education based on a short article I read in the most recent NYT Mag about “skill-biased technological change” (SBCT). I’m definitely NOT an economist, but from what I gather, it seems to fit.  So, in my terms, the concerns regarding SBCT are that changes in technology are […]

Distractions Are Us, Progress Tells Us So!

A friend posted this article from the Nov. 1, NYT to his Facebook page the other day: “Technology Is Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say.” I’ll note that “a version” of this was published as “For Better and for Worse, Technology Use Alters Learning Styles, Teachers Say” in the print edition.  You decide if the […]

What do #education professors do in #highered? #edtech

I’m sure some would like to answer with some snark. “Nothing!” Well, sometimes I wonder. But I busted my behind today on something we did in class, so I thought I would take a moment to celebrate it and give you insight into what it is that we do. So, we were reading a report […]

#Teacher #educators: you’re still on notice, and here’s why

Screen Shot 2012-08-18 at 5.16.13 PM

All right, so I’m trying to keep it together before this all day CCSS seminar that I have coming up next week. I have that burning feeling in my chest already. I put teacher educators on notice earlier this week, NOT ONE of my teacher ed friends responded. So, I’m doing it again. There is […]

#Reuters article all the proof you need: #edreform & #edtech is for profit –> @chrishayes @maddow

From Business Insider: Education entrepreneur John Katzman urged investors to look for companies developing software that can replace teachers for segments of the school day, driving down labor costs. “How do we use technology so that we require fewer highly qualified teachers?” asked Katzman, who founded the Princeton Review test-prep company and now focuses on […]


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