To all the educators out there: did you ever catch yourself saying you’re “just” a teacher? As I contemplate my future participation in any and all public conversations on education reform and activism, the one thing that gives me pause is that, without the activism and public commentary, I’m just a Kindergarten teacher. I seriously […]

I am conflicted over teacher resignation letters

The latest from a CO high school teacher, Pauline Hawkins, that has achieved “viral” status. Is this heroic? I think that’s a complicated question. It certainly adds some drama to the destructive potential of corporate education reform. That is, veteran educators are willing to sacrifice their chosen professions in the face of being compelled to […]

My first exposure to the DC IMPACT evaluation system

From the very beginning, I’ve noticed that the DCPS teacher evaluation system fosters a mood of suspicion, confrontation, and anxiety. It doesn’t have to be that way. A lot of things don’t have to be that way. But they are, and it is. First, let me do a little math. So far this school year, […]

Join us at 6PM EST as we chat for the first time with @angelcintronjr

Link to the show. Check it at 6PM EST.

As promised, a deeply personal and private look at (GASP!) my plan book #edchat @rweingarten #sharemylesson


Gazing into the educator’s plan book is a highly uncommon occurrence, and I say this with just a hint of sarcasm. I don’t really know why it’s so deeply personal, seems silly, but it really is very personal. I hear and read quite a bit about lesson plans for this and that. Templates for, of […]

A new author in our midst, @angelcintronjr

I’ve come to know this rather insightful fellow via social media since coming back to DC Public Schools. Mr. Angel Cintron, Jr. is a colleague, a middle school teacher, in the great Ward 8 in our nation’s capital. Here’s a link to his author page and bio. As you might be able to tell, his […]

Join us At the Chalk Face at 6PM EST while we chat with the NJ teacher subjected to yet another Christie tirade

Listen here, at 6PM EST. I doubt any reasonable person would disagree with this educator from NJ on her perspective.    

If you are this person, then you have no business in education. Quit now. Leave. Good-bye.

Here’s the model citizen in question. Are you a homophobe, or just so blatantly stupid that it hurts? Quit.

iGradeU: The 7 Superpowers Every Teacher Must Master

Are you a superhero teacher? Well, what about a good teacher with superpowers? Personally speaking, I rather be the latter. Here’s my list of superpowers, which I’m constantly developing. By no means does this imply that I have the magic formula. However, this is a list I use to remind myself that teaching requires constant […]

Teacher/Parent conflicts: how do we resolve these?

Our special episode of At the Chalk Face with a NJ teacher/parent is rescheduled for this evening at 6PM EST. Appropriately enough, I received an email from another teacher/parent with some frustrations that seem very difficult to resolve. How do other teachers who are also parents negotiate this minefield? Here’s this teacher’s tale over a […]

Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed

Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed Consider reading it. Interesting.

#Test #teacher, test teacher, we know how to, uh, show it?

I’m in a coffee shop, no headphones, so I can’t listen to the video. But based on the words, and when watching the lyrics scroll, I imagined the Bee Gee’s Night Fever. Is that the music in it, did I get it right? In any case, interesting message, right on brother.

The fabled #superteacher

Great piece in the LA Times about the unreasonable demands for teachers to be extraordinary, that you’re either good or bad, no in between. I read some history of education, discussing the common school movement, stating that the conventional wisdom at the time was wrong: you can’t fill every classroom with “born teachers,” just like […]


Oh, just a few interesting education-related items I found in the last few minutes.  You know, I hate grading.  It’s one of my least favorite things about teaching.  But if I received a few of these answers every so often, I might enjoy it more. It would be hard for me not to give them […]

Tabula rasa

I now begin an anthem for a new tomorrow.  Who would have thought that the song opens with a soft click-click-click?  If you’ve been following my Mac saga here, I just received word this morning that my old hard drive is brain-dead.  Nothing can be retrieved.  So, it’s slowly sinking in now that I have […]


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