From “Surplussed” to “Excessed:” Dumped Memphis Teachers Go to Court

With the blessing of Bill Gates and State Commissioner, Kevin (formerly Mister Michelle Rhee) Huffman, principals across Memphis and Shelby County are illegally dumping hundreds of tenured teachers in favor of TFA, TeachPlus, and TeachMemphis corporate missionaries, who are hired to instill in Memphis’ impoverished children the corporate psychology that can be summed up as “you can […]

Open letter to David Welch, Eli Broad, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, and their Students Matter Astroturf

“And not merely pride of intellect, but dulness of intellect. And most of all, the deceitfulness; yes, the deceitfulness of intellect” — Leo Tolstoy To David Welch, Eli Broad, Theodore J. Boutrous, Theane Evangelis Kapur, Theodore B. Olson, Enrique A. Monagas, and Joshua S. Lipshutz: Your Students Matter website explicitly states “When it comes to […]

Hey Christie…

… I can name a few other professions “where you have no rewards for excellence and no consequences for failure to perform.” How about banking, finance, the mortgage industry.  Wall Street financiers earned billions in bonuses for massive failures.

Why Time Magazine Deserves the Same Fate As Newsweek

Recently the scandalously vapid and opinionated “news” magazine, Newsweek, sold for one dollar to the highest bidder, Sidney Harmon.  Not long before it went broke, it published one final salvo of public school bashing in an issue that was universally panned as one-sided, unfair, and inaccurate. Now it looks as though Time is following the […]

Why to Fight SB 191, and How to Get Even With the Prostisuits Who Support It

Great primer here by Angela Engel on how to get smart, get angry, and get even against corporate prosti-suits of the Colorado legislature and teacher unions: Don’t just get mad, Get Even – Senate Bill 191 passes colorado legislature by: Angela Engel Thu May 13, 2010 at 19:45:19 PM MDT Corporate Takeover of Public EducationThe […]

The Truth About "Tenure" in Colorado

Tomorrow Colorado legislators decide whether or not they will be bamboozled by corporate education’s billionaire boys’ club to disrespect and demoralize Colorado teachers once again. Here’s some facts to consider from an op-ed in the Durango Herald News: What makes a good teacher? Is it longevity, popularity, education or good test scores? Denver politicians are […]

Weingarten Hides Behind Failing Economy to Talk Capitulation on Tenure and Teacher Pay

Almost perfect timing, except that Ms. Randi, as I noted yesterday (speaking of timing), had already bowed to Bloomberg on bonus pay for test scores before the economy went south. Is this what Randi calls bipartisanship? From today’s Times: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said Monday that given the economic crisis, […]

Top 10 Reasons Why Teaching Jobs Based on Test Scores Is A Bad Idea

It was just a few months ago that Randi Weingarten earned the blessing of Bloomberg for her AFT Presidential bid by endorsing the Bloomberg/Klein/Business Roundtable bonus pay plan for NYC teachers based on test scores. Weingarten patted herself on the back at the time for negotiating the stipulation that bonuses would go to schools rather […]

Which Foundations Are Funding Rhee’s Union Busting?

Yesterday the world sat at the feet of Bill and Melinda as they outlined their next big-hearted and self-serving ventures into shaping national educational policy to snugly fit the mold of the techno-efficiency zealots. Most of the contenders for the big job of ED Sec were there: Arne, Joel, and even Linda all sat with […]

Rhee’s "Green Tier" Gives Green Light for Firing


Photo by Susan Walsh-APMichelle Rhee has a big bonus for DC teachers who choose the greenbacks of her Green Tier, those teachers who are willing to, 1) give up tenure, 2) spend a year on probation, and 3) trust Michelle Rhee to re-hire them following that probationary year with or without their big bonuses intact. […]

Michelle Rhee Using Gates and Broad $$ to Bribe Teachers Out of Tenure and Seniority

What happens when public officials team up with corporations to use tax-exempt corporate foundation money in an attempt to crush teachers’ rights and to further the agenda of societal segregation based on test scores? We’re about to find out in DC. From WaPo: By V. Dion HaynesWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, July 3, 2008; B01 D.C. […]

Albany Goes Sane on Tenure While Gradgrind/McChoakumchild Choke


Only the latest Bloomberg/Klein flameout. From NYTimes: By DANNY HAKIM and JEREMY W. PETERS Published: April 9, 2008 ALBANY — In the latest rebuke to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s agenda, state lawmakers have decided to bar student test scores from being considered when teacher tenure determinations are made. Legislators said the move was the final […]


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