Sweet 16: What Matters v. What Should Matter in Teacher Qualities

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My colleague and social studies educator, George Lipscomb, is offering a May Experience course addressing “What Makes a Great Teacher.” He started the course today with a Sweet 16 of teacher values so I thought this idea may be a great way to ask people to confront priorities regarding what our current high-stakes test-based accountability […]

“What Is the Matter, My Lord?”

The virtual connectedness of the Internet era—through the magic of blogs, online publications, Twitter, and other social media—I often find myself in discussions by email, Twitter, or online discussions with advocates for and leaders in the corporate education reform movement, what I have labeled “No Excuses” Reform. A disturbing aspect of that reform movement is […]

Join the Coalition on Teacher Quality

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On the #Ravitch #Hanushek debate on #eduwonk

I thought I would share one of my comments to a poster: Chalk Face Says: November 1st, 2011 at 7:53 pm Mr. Buck: In response to your quote of Hanushek’s, if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle. Seriously. We are quickly approaching relativism; that is, teacher turnover could be improved if we could only […]

Oooohhh #KIPP…

… when oh when will we hear enough about how awesome you are? A post up at HuffPo titled something about asking “Do schools matter,” then touting that their school does indeed matter. In a conversation with a neophyte just getting his/her head around this education reform thing–and then they do, they’ll also be an […]

#NCTQ report on #student #teaching

The NCTQ released its report on student teaching in colleges of education. You can download it here. I guess the organization gets some critique from progressive-minded educators and officials. However, I read a draft of the report before its release and found it actually very sensible. Now, what happens based on their conclusions is another story. […]

Public Schools Outperform Private Schools in NAEP Math Assessments

The following research news story was reported in Science Daily on March 3, and so far not a single newspaper has bothered to even mention it. No doubt Arne Duncan and Business Roundtable disruptors would scoff, so why bother printing it, right? It certainly throws into question the wishful thinking, guesswork, conservative ideology, and greed […]

What Makes Teachers Effective: A Primer for Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh is the Sanjay Gupta of education policy. She looks good and is not afraid to lie when it is in the interest of the corporate pimp she is working for at the time. And just like Gupta’s intentional falsehoods about Michael Moore’s research related to Sicko, the media and the pols have forgotten […]


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