Sorry to say, many teachers are instruments of oppression

There are teachers who, despite how they’ve been mistreated by accountability, embrace some measures of accountability because they’ve worked with fellow teachers who are indeed trifling and deserve a swift kick out the door. It takes willful ignorance, nay, stupidity of the supreme order, to think you are, as an educator, serving your profession by […]

How is #teacherprep really different at Western Governor’s?

We keep hearing about these NCTQ teacher preparation rankings. There’s so much critique out there of NCTQ as a legitimate research organization, of their data and methods, I don’t even have to get into it. I’m hearing a lot about Western Governors University. I was only vaguely aware of the institution prior to the “rankings.” […]

On the value of teacher preparation, from a former teacher educator

Allow me to make some very direct assertions at the outset. The President plans to roll out this summer new criteria for evaluating teacher preparation programs, all with which I thoroughly disagree. No other major course of study at the university must put up with such scrutiny. The National Council of Teacher Quality, as indicated in […]

@susanoha has it right on the money about #highered and #teacherprep

Some places are cheaper than others. Myself or any colleague I’ve ever known was ever offered $30K for a book chapter. But I wonder what the price would be to sell your integrity as an academic. Considering what education professors get paid, integrity might come cheap. A publication credit and a top-tier journal might be […]

A tenured sociologist gets a bit of the #teacherprep treatment, more like #teacherperp @scottjaschik

In a nutshell, a tenured professor at UC-Boulder is leaving the university because the administration is no longer allowing her to implement a lecture on prostitution that includes a role-play, whereby teaching assistants for the course play dress up as various kinds of “whores” and get interviewed by the class. You know, you’re just going […]

Per @dianeravitch, I re-evaluate my participation (or lack thereof) with @AERA_EdResearch

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 11.22.57 AM

We At the Chalk Face are always appreciative of when Diane Ravitch follows our work, and we are happy to stand with her in this struggle. Today, Ravitch referenced a piece I wrote about the American Educational Research Association (AERA). Here’re my original thoughts. I completely understand that it may be effective to represent from […]

The school of schools also hates creativity via @slate #highered #teacherprep

On inside the box thinking. This resonates perfectly with my experiences in higher education and teacher preparation, specifically. Creative thinking, in a politically charged environment, is dangerous. Allow me to explain, and this is my experience only. You may have experienced something different, and that’s fine. The crux of this very short Slate piece is […]

From Wayne Au on Facebook: MI teachers’ union encourages boycott of student teachers #highered

What an interesting idea: refuse student teachers from a university that supports a certain reform initiative. As a humble graduate student, like a lot of graduate students everywhere in teacher education, I/we did all of the dirty work. We were the ones low enough on the old totem pole to actually do the field work […]

Our show with the inescapable Mercedes Schneider.

Here it is. VAM. Teacher preparation. CCR.

Get a TNTP Math Teacher and Neutralize Poverty Today!


Every time I think I’ve discovered the bottom of the corporate education (Corped) sewer, I find out that there is more down there where that came from. The New Teacher Network, which was managed for awhile by the Queen of Real Pain and Fake Gain, Michelle Rhee, keeps piling it up.  With a combination of […]

Where’s @NCTQ on this one? Lazy. Pathetic. Ideology.


What the hell are you paying for then?

Our recent show on NCTQ. Consider this the end of the discussion.

We returned to the air last evening to discuss the various reactions to the latest NCTQ report. This for me is the end of the debate. We need not comment on it further unless further developments ensue. Other authors are welcome to continue the dialogue, however. One of our callers raised a very excellent point. […]

Does this qualify as “intimidation” from NCTQ? Watch out #highered and #teacherprep

I received an email message the other day from someone at NCTQ regarding an account I had of a meeting with them in 2011. In my first year as a faculty member, I decided to meet and speak with a number of education policy and advocacy organizations to see how folks in my position could get […]

I’ve visited @NCTQ, we should all be underwhelmed #teacherprep

Paul Thomas and Jim Horn have already warned us about NCTQ and its thoroughly biased “advocacy.” There are some updated links in there, here’s a few more on the new report specifically: From NPR; NCTQ’s chief hypocrisy; And MSNBC. and the Wall Street Journal. Kind of a mixed bag here. I’m not sure if there’s […]

How many times do we have to remind reform apologists like @alexanderrusso?

According to Mr. Russo, 2013 may be the year of teacher preparation. Too bad it’s half over. To wit: Since 2009, the California-based NewSchools Venture Fund, with the support of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, has been convening Learning to Teach, a 40-member group of teacher prep organizations that includes both ­traditional and alternative providers. […]


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