21st Century Numbers Games

I remember vividly the moment I fell out of love with numbers. First semester of my freshman year of college, I sat in the weekly fourth hour of calculus set aside as a test period. I was reading a question that was something about shooting a bullet in a vacuum, and the only response I […]

An Industry of Mediocrity?: How about Journalism?

Careless, shoddy, flippant, thoughtless—these are the words that come to mind when I think about most journalism addressing education. There are a few shining examples of journalists doing their work (Valerie Strauss comes to mind), but mostly, those are the words. So when I saw  ‘An Industry of Mediocrity’ at The New York Times, and […]

Hess, Please Begin the Moratorium

I recently called for a moratorium on white men pontificating on race, class, and gender—prompted by a series of blogs by Michael Petrilli. So when I read Rick Hess’s “Teachers Deserve (But Have to Earn) Their Seat at the Table,” I immediately asked myself a few things: (1) Is this April 1?, (2) Has Hess finally become the […]

@EdWeekComm once again provides valuable line space to the ignorant hordes #teacherprep #highered

Education Week is once again serving the interests, via its commentary section, of non-educators. This time, from some fly-by-night LLC called Teacher Preparation Analytics in DC. Judging by the amateurish nature of the website, I can’t say I’d really want their advice or their analytics, whatever those are. But the three founders and partners in this organization […]

You hear that #highered #teacherprep? It’s your clock, winding down.

Some very nice people worked at the GSE at Willamette U in Salem, OR. They recently found out that their entire school is closing. Why? The email, written by University President Steve Thorsett, said the Board of Trustees’ decision was based in large part on a state and national trend in licensing and accreditation that […]

Teachers College Convocation Turns into Protest Against Corporate Enablers,Tisch and Fuhrman

Not a Test Score 6

I am just back from a weekend off and delighted to see a forwarded email on the Teachers College Convocation/Student Protest May 21.  As you can see, the protest was quiet but very powerful, as these photos indicate (click to enlarge). This is the proudest I have been in a long time to be associated […]

The teacher “bar exam” will work, if and only if…

… You completely abolish alternative certification programs, like Teach for America. That’s it. AFT President Weingarten cannot proclaim this: Under the AFT plan, prospective teachers who have undergone training at an education school would have to demonstrate knowledge of their subject areas, an understanding of the social and emotional elements of learning, and spend a […]

I’m going to critique [a] #studentvoice, so bear with me here

There’s something I need to get off my chest, and that’s what a blog is for, correct? In recent months, a particular student has been thrust into the spotlight as a passionate advocate for progressive values in education. This young person, who is of high school age, wrote a book about it. Upon completing high […]

GUEST POST: Julie Gorlewski Responds to AFT

Julie Gorlewski, State University of New York at New Paltz Response to Raising the Bar: Aligning and Elevating Teacher Preparation and the Teaching Profession (A report of the American Federation of Teachers Teacher Preparation Task Force, 2012) As an educator who has dedicated my professional life to continuous improvement in the field, I appreciate the […]

#ASCDforum discussing #teacher #education

Use the titled hashtag to discuss teacher education with ASCD. I scanned the link they provided, and here’s what I saw: Educators have begun to make their voices heard. For example, 2012 Emerging Leader and Regional Science Coordinator Fred Ende has five suggestions for improving teacher preparation: Prepare educators to be specialists, instead of generalists. […]

Ya know what? @educationweek has a good piece up on new teacher surplus. Zang!

Here’s the entire piece, but stay with me.  Now, this is all in response to a recent NCTQ report, which I’ll have to go through. Considering their funders, I’m guessing they follow the Hanushek model of teacher education. That is, reduce the supply by a reduction in programs. That way, you can presumably increase the […]

From a friend and peer on #Pearson

From the old Facebook feed: On a creepy note: word from a colleague that the Assoc. Dean for Research was heard to say: ‘We need to repair our relationship with Pearson.’ Serious? Question: what relationship? This comment was stated with regard, most likely, to linkages between colleges of education and the publishing giant Pearson that […]

Barbara Madeloni’s post on the #edTPA and teacher education

An insightful piece about new teacher performance evaluations in teacher prep. I talk with education faculty members, former mentors, and they know nothing about this stuff. To an extent, I wonder if ignorance is bliss. For instance, at a research I institution, a big state university, things like the TPA or Pearson or testing don’t […]

#teacher #educators: you’re on notice. do something or consider yourselves obsolete #highered

Screen Shot 2012-08-17 at 11.08.16 AM

I’m primarily responding to my own situation, which is thus: So, for the new semester, faculty members have to sit around and listen to a bunch of people speak to us, as if we have nothing to contribute. This is part of my “development.” The above is one of the speakers who will be speaking […]

UOON Supports Barbara Madeloni and UMass Students

Link from United Opt Out: This week United Opt Out National stands in solidarity with the UMass teacher educators and the sixty-seven student teachers at UMass Amherst School of Education who together chose to boycott the Teacher Performance Assessment field test via Pearson.  Barbara Madeloni, lecturer at UMass and one of the teacher educators who joined the boycott, has recently […]


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