Received via email: “Subject: Major injustice committed by TFA”

I am posting the full-text here. I can’t substantiate these unsolicited claims. But I think many of them ring true with other accounts we’ve read online. I’m pretty sure that Ms. Rojas wanted to be heard, so I’d like to honor that. To whom it may concern, I would like to express how unfair it […]

The Secretary’s 50 State Plan for #teacherequity

I’m reading the original letter sent to state school officers. Is that Times New Roman? This is the best the highest office in education in the US can do, am I correct? Wow. From Education Week: But addressing that problem won’t be easy. States have a limited authority and capacity to ensure that districts distribute […]

Teach For America and The Nonprofit Industrial Complex

As the controversy around Teach For America grows, it is incredibly important to understand the role of venture philanthropy in education reform.  This video provides powerful context in regards to how many nonprofits are used to maintain and exacerbate the injustices and inequalities in our world.   Perhaps one of the most ad vanced mechanisms […]

You don’t know the meaning of #dontbackdown


I’m pretty angry.  Yesterday, I was on a panel discussing Teach For America with, among others, Josh Anderson- head of TFA Chicago.  Overall, I thought the panel went well.  Debate was passionate (mostly on my part) but civil.  Still, at the very end, when Josh gave the final remarks of the event, he said something […]

Why Teach For America Cannot Change


This past Monday, the group Students United for Public Education (aka SUPE)–led by two amazing college students, Stephanie Rivera and Hannah Nguyen–organized a highly successful twitter storm using the hashtag #ResistTFA.  For a few hours, #ResistTFA became one of the top trending hashtags in the nation. Now, TFA’s response to the outpouring of rage at Teach […]

Another anti-TFA screed for the books

I won’t say that I disagree with the author’s arguments. However: I am white.  I am female.  I was educated at a prestigious university, which included a minor in education.  In essence, I am riddled with privilege.  Do I belong in a classroom in a community of color to which I have no connection and […]

Gary Rubinstein on TFA and CC: Plus Predictions for 2014 and 2024!


In his Open Letters To ‘B-List’ Reformers I Know. Part 2: Elisa Villanueva-Beard and Matt Kramer, Gary Rubinstein is primarily confronting the new leadership at Teach for America—and I recommend your reading the entire post—but I want to highlight what I think is a very succinct and accurate challenge to supporting Common Core: [click to enlarge] Rubinstein […]

My hometown of Pgh puts carpetbaggers and amateurs on notice. Stay away, TFA!

Behold, from the Pittsburgh City Paper. Thirty dirty corps members may not seem like much, but it’s a toehold, an opening on the beach that will stage future invasions. It would be just a beginning.

As a UCLA student and SUPE member, I endorse this campaign to halt TFA

Students Resisting TFA Campaign

As a @UCLA student & @supenational ally, I endorse this campaign to halt @TeachForAmerica #TFA — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 15, 2013 As a UCLA student and a Students United for Public Education (SUPE) member, I endorse this campaign to halt Teach For America’s colonialism and participation in the neoliberal school privatization […]

Teach for America and Noble St Charter Schools: A Dangerous Combination

Recently,  the director of Teach for America Chicago, Josh Anderson, wrote a response to the excellent exposé Edushyster posted regarding TFA Chicago’s role in charter school expansion.  Edushyster’s–or should I proudly say Jennifer C. Berkshire‘s–piece was entitled “Is TFA Undermining the Chicago Public Schools.” (The answer is “yes,” if you were wondering…) And she writes: When news […]

TFA: “It’s just one unverifiable anecdote after the next”

While it may be overly optimistic (which I am rarely accused of being) to suggest that the shine is wearing off the Teach for America brand, it is clear that credible challenges to TFA are being acknowledged more often, including resistance from within the organization itself. Some evidence-based challenges have come from Gary Rubinstein, Katie […]

A Snarky Letter for A Heartless Leader: My Response to TFA Chicago’s Josh Anderson

Dear Josh Anderson, Executive Director of Teach for America Chicago, After reading your piece entitled Q&A with Josh Anderson, TFA Chicago on the Teacher Layoffs, I felt the need to reach out to you.  Perhaps you’ve never actually been inside a CPS school because you seem to not understand the very basic realities of this […]

Why My Students Do Not Need Teach for America

Wow, there has been such a flurry of stories and discussions in regards to Teach for America and its destructive role in education today.  I suppose my letter to new recruits played an important part in calling into question this organization, striking a chord of truth.  TFA has gone into full-time PR mode with a […]

Dear North Carolina Colleagues

In North Carolina, they don't what to do with that spoon.

You know what I miss about North Carolina?  Go on, guess.  It’s what every former transplant says. I miss the ability to order sweet tea in any restaurant I go to and I miss BBQ pulled pork that actually has a smoky taste.  Syracuse just hasn’t found the charm in those two things yet. I […]

Rahm the Raptor and the TFA Solution: No Retirement, No Retirement Problem

Since 1995, the City of Chicago has been on holiday during most of those years.  On holiday, that is, from putting in the annual payments to keep the Chicago Teacher Retirement Fund solvent.  The dwindling fund has been no secret to anyone for a long time, but after the CTU showed the small, vicious Mayor […]


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