GUEST no more. Welcome John Kuhn to our lineup!

Revered Superintendent John Kuhn joined our erudite rabble here At the Chalk Face. Let us all welcome him. Check out his author page here and we look forward to JOHN KUHN: Empowering Educators.

@ArneDuncan is suzerain to the vassals


The Washington Post (aka Valerie Strauss) reported just days ago that the Secretary of Education intervened in choice of chancellor of NYC schools, discouraging choice of MD Supe Josh Starr. How dare Duncan, yes? Interfering in local education matters. My analysis? NYC is not merely a local education matter. This isn’t Albuquerque. This is New […]

Our episode with TX Superintendent John Kuhn

Here’s the link. Good guy. New book out for him, Test and Punish. Check it.

Letter from a NY Superintendent to Sen. Lavalle on #commoncore testing

Embedded for your reading pleasure, followed by the empty condolences of Mr. King.

Tepid response from Seattle public schools super

Superintendent Jose Banda released a statement regarding the potential for a mass opt-out of state MAP testing. Meh. Not much of value. Although, I will say that you’d think a formal statement from the educator-in-chief could make it out there into the ether without a typo. To wit:  Before the issue was raised by our […]

#FAIL = #WIN in #edreform

It’s amazing, isn’t it? For all the very $eriou$ accountability-ish talk in the current education reform climate. A man so reviled by educators in the state of Indiana, the people he is supposed to serve, as Tony Bennett to be voted out of office only to find himself successfully ensconced in a lateral move, same […]

John Kuhn at the #SOSMarch

Check out this freaking guy at the SOS rally. I had dinner with him, Tim Slekar, and other folks from PA. We saw Mary Landrieu a few tables away. Several of us had the dirty rice. Discuss.

Morning FAIL

An amazing dose of FAIL for you all this morning.  Some state senator in Arizona is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction, or at least has a major endorsement for the post.  In any case, a high school journalist puts him in his place and the results are magnificent. You know, this is why I […]


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