As a UCLA student and SUPE member, I endorse this campaign to halt TFA

Students Resisting TFA Campaign

As a @UCLA student & @supenational ally, I endorse this campaign to halt @TeachForAmerica #TFA — Robert D. Skeels (@rdsathene) September 15, 2013 As a UCLA student and a Students United for Public Education (SUPE) member, I endorse this campaign to halt Teach For America’s colonialism and participation in the neoliberal school privatization […]

Gates, Murdoch and data mining

Gates and Murdoch like to say their interest in education is because their big hearts mean they really must help the poor wee kiddies learn better. Funny how they weren’t so interested until profit could be made, but hey, I’m just a bit cynical these days. And it’s no wonder I am when you learn […]

Chicago students are fighting back!

There’s some really creative resistance happening in Chicago. The massive school closures there have ignited a great conflagration. For all of the Mayor’s apparent political wisdom, how could city officials assume this would happen without a fight? Well, I have a few links for you. First, watch the video. Then, check out At the Chalk […]

Round up of links from the student #CPSboycott today. Congrats!

Pretty shameless, but I must first plug our special radio episode today with veteran Chicago arts educator Ellen Gradman, live from the events downtown. Then, a Yahoo News article in which Mark Naison and I are quoted. We also have a piece from Common Dreams and Huffington Post. Look for a special episode with student […]

How students are feeling about NY #ELA tests


Book Excerpt: The Real Education Crisis #ihateschool

The following is an excerpt from Kris Nielsen’s new book release, Children of the Core.  The hashtag in the title is a very popular one used on Twitter.  Go check it out sometime. High schools that have fully implemented the Common Core Network are probably the worst possible institutions for adolescent minds in this era […]

@thinkprogress makes the progressive case against higher tuition costs. Careful. #highered

Progressives frequently lament the increasing costs of higher education, as Think Progress does here. Young persons are saddled with debt and this is a very troubling situation. As a faculty member, I have a somewhat different perspective. I suppose it’s easy, from a student’s perspective, to criticize all aspects of a university for rising tuition […]

Students walking out of #TCAP in Colorado, #stuvoice

Student power, need we say more. Students are doing what students can do, stepping aside during a state-mandated test that means nothing. If you’re in Colorado, consider supporting them.

I have some concerns about the #studentvoice in #edreform

I will keep this brief. I have other things to do. But I have some concerns that I feel like I need to air to see if I’ve got this correct or if anyone else is feeling it too. Right now, groups on numerous sides of the education reform debate are finally asking students to […]

I have a confession to make: I will be the faculty sponsor for an #SFER chapter on our campus

Ok, I know. I’m aware of the critique. They sound so suspiciously close to DFER, don’t they? I’ll probably get a similar reaction as to when I’ve admitted to teaching in a charter school for the three previous summers. Thou consortest with the enemy? Consort? What, dost thou make us minstrels? An thou make minstrels […]

#Teenage #ignorance on #OBL

I think this is a fantastic example, albeit distressing, of the damage caused by narrowing school curriculum and discussion to only tested subjects due to standardized testing. Look, it’s a small slice of a larger pie. But still: what a bunch of dumb-a**es. And it’s not their fault, completely. I won’t say like all the […]

Brown v Board of Education after 55 years

Fifty-five years ago today the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously issued Earl Warren’s opinion in Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, in which it stated unequivocally that Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. And yet even after 55 years the promise of the Brown decision we still have not overcome what is […]


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