A small anecdotal tidbit on how charter schools select out students

Some charter school chains enact a form of educational Darwinism. Case in point. Let’s say that a certain public school classroom received a new student the other day.  The teacher learned that the student came from a local charter school very close by, definitely within the same district. Largely serving the same student population. When […]

Gates, Murdoch and data mining

Gates and Murdoch like to say their interest in education is because their big hearts mean they really must help the poor wee kiddies learn better. Funny how they weren’t so interested until profit could be made, but hey, I’m just a bit cynical these days. And it’s no wonder I am when you learn […]

We were all students once, weren’t we?

5th grade

Posted to Facebook by a friend, my fifth grade class picture from 1989. If you know me, see if you can find me. Good old Elm Grove ES, no longer standing. It’s a soccer field now.

Students vs. Students?

Well, I have to say, asked to become a blogger At The Chalk Face is quite the honor. My name is Stephanie Rivera, and some of you may know me from teacherunderconstruction.com…or some of you may have no idea what in the world that website is. That is my personal blog on issues in education, […]


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