Student: We’re Messing Up My Generation


The following speech was written by one of my former students in North Carolina, who also read my resignation letter from October 2012 and told me it brought her to tears.  She wrote this before she saw my letter in the Washington Post.  This speech shows that our kids are feeling the realities more strongly […]

If I Were A Student, I Would Ask My…

If I were a student in a high poverty public school, I would pose the following questions to my teachers, guidance counselor, principal, and parents/guardians. This piece is not intended to score cheap education reform or political points. After a few years experience teaching in a high poverty public middle school, this piece simply reflects some of my […]

Ultra badass student activists in Chicago giving it to CPS #stuvoice

I am quoting, via Facebook: Just spoke out against the Board of Education with students from the CSOSOS! Most bad ass thing in the world! Security had no idea what was going on as students across the room stood up and spoke against the Board. It was pure chaos!  My thirty second stand up speech: […]

I’m going to critique [a] #studentvoice, so bear with me here

There’s something I need to get off my chest, and that’s what a blog is for, correct? In recent months, a particular student has been thrust into the spotlight as a passionate advocate for progressive values in education. This young person, who is of high school age, wrote a book about it. Upon completing high […]

I have some concerns about the #studentvoice in #edreform

I will keep this brief. I have other things to do. But I have some concerns that I feel like I need to air to see if I’ve got this correct or if anyone else is feeling it too. Right now, groups on numerous sides of the education reform debate are finally asking students to […]


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