How is #teacherprep really different at Western Governor’s?

We keep hearing about these NCTQ teacher preparation rankings. There’s so much critique out there of NCTQ as a legitimate research organization, of their data and methods, I don’t even have to get into it. I’m hearing a lot about Western Governors University. I was only vaguely aware of the institution prior to the “rankings.” […]

Funny anecdote on the edTPA

I see a few folks here and there starting to talk more about the Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA), or the Pearson product that will now be used to score and certify student teachers. I scored some of these things. Painfully mediocre stuff. Here’s a quick note about my experience that I shared with some others […]

QQ: Why would it cost a low-income school in SE DC to host student teachers? @urbanteacherctr #DCPS

When I was a professor and teacher educator for four years, we did NOT cost our placement schools anything. In fact, we offered mentor teachers a modest stipend. And by modest, I really do mean modest.  In any case, why would a school be charged with the privilege of hosting student teachers? And how much […]

Yearlong #student #teaching internships

Arizona State is going to implement a mandatory yearlong clinical experience for all graduating teachers in order to, well: The goal of the project, according to its leaders, is to graduate teachers who, in their first year on the job, match the effectiveness of second-year teachers. Getting there has meant no less than an entire […]

Part of my job as #education #professor

I do a lot of supervision of pre-service teachers. I tend to see a lot of test-driven and scripted instruction in classrooms. No matter how much we try to encourage innovative and meaningful methods, we’re cut off, hand-cuffed to basal anthologies, unresponsive to daily realities. Part of that job is to offer feedback and guidance […]

New-new #HuffPo piece on upaid #internships

This was something I’ve been sitting on for a while, wanted to put it somewhere else, but then passed it along to Huffington Post College this time. I’m glad they put it up there. It’s about student teaching and the unseemly outrage over unpaid internships in other disciplines. Enjoy.

#NCTQ report on #student #teaching

The NCTQ released its report on student teaching in colleges of education. You can download it here. I guess the organization gets some critique from progressive-minded educators and officials. However, I read a draft of the report before its release and found it actually very sensible. Now, what happens based on their conclusions is another story. […]

Teacher preparation

Based on some recent experiences in my own program, I have a couple of thoughts on teacher preparation that I want to get out there.  One of those deals with the degree itself.  Many programs allow for a non-licensed degree option.  So, if the actual practitioner part does not work out, if the student cannot […]


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