Teachers College Convocation Turns into Protest Against Corporate Enablers,Tisch and Fuhrman

Not a Test Score 6

I am just back from a weekend off and delighted to see a forwarded email on the Teachers College Convocation/Student Protest May 21.  As you can see, the protest was quiet but very powerful, as these photos indicate (click to enlarge). This is the proudest I have been in a long time to be associated […]

Support Chicago Students’ Test Boycott Tomorrow

From PURE: « Students opting out of PSAE PSAT for 4-23-13: Support the student PSAE test boycott Tomorrow, CPS high school students organized by Chicago Students Organizing to Save Our Schools and VOYCE will boycott the second day of the state high school exam, the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE). The first testing day includes the ACT […]

Support Colorado Student Walkout March 14

Support Colorado students standing up for their education:

Join Portland Students to Stop High Stakes Testing

Join Portland Students to Stop High Stakes Testing

From The Oregonian: on February 06, 2013 at 10:10 AM, updated February 06, 2013 at 5:08 PM About 30 students gathered outside the Portland Public Schools district office to kick off a campaign urging students to opt out of state standardized tests. A group of students from the Portland Student Union and the Portland Public Schools Student […]

Will Our Students Save Education?

Global Actions Against Commercialism in Education

Global Actions Against Commercialism in Education

“Global Wave of Action for Education” [October – November 2010] During one of the last international chat meetings [March 7th] of the „International Student Movement“, which was attended by activists in Sierra Leone, the U.S. of A., Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the Philippines and Kosovo, we decided to call for a „Global Wave of […]

Protest Duncan Appearance June 25 at DeAnza College

From IndyBay.org: Title: Protest Of Union Buster and Privatizer US Education Secretary Arnie Duncan At DeAnza START DATE: Friday June 25 TIME: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM Location Details: Library Quad at Foothill College12345 El Monte Road in Los Altos Hills (El Monte Road and Interstate 280) Event Type: Protest Union Buster and Privatizer Arne […]

A New American Student Movement Comes to Life, in Puerto Rico

From the NYTimes: MIAMI — Thousands of students at the University of Puerto Rico who went on strike two months ago to oppose severe budget cuts declared victory on Thursday after reaching an agreement with administrators. As part of a deal brokered by a court-appointed mediator, students would end their strike — one of the […]

The "Enough Is Enough" Generation Shuts Down Entire UPR System: Parents and Professors Provide Support

The eleven campuses of the University of Puerto Rico have been shut down by students who are calling for an end to the austerity measures that threaten to cripple the gem of higher education in the Caribbean region.  Meanwhile, riot police gather outside the gates.  From Democracy Now:

The President Asks for Our Help: We Ask the President to Stop Treating Us Like Idiots

Arne Duncan’s federalized system of bribes called Race to the Top has all sorts of incentives for state education departments. It has incentives to develop constant data surveillance systems for both students and teachers, with tests to decide who gets to graduate, who gets rehired, who gets to move to the next grade, and which […]

Support the Courage of New Jersery High School Students As They March to Save Public Education

Tens of thousands of high school students are marching and protesting this morning to save their schools from the axe wielded by New Jersey’s conservative governor. As Christie works to slash the most important public service in the state, he “has refused to renew the so-called millionaires’ income tax, which applies to incomes over $400,000.” […]

AP Reports Millions Rallying to Save Public Education

Students, teachers rally to protest education cuts 03/04/10 at 11:48 AM BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — Millions of students, teachers and parents are expected to rally throughout California and many other states to protest deep cuts in funding for schools and universities. Demonstrations, marches, teach-ins and walkouts are planned nationwide Thursday in what is being called […]

March 4 May Be Watershed Event

Last November the vulture capitalists in charge of the public university system of California levied a 32 percent tuition increase, thus eradicating the possibilities of many working class students to go to a good college. For despite recent increases to Pell Grants, such grants now cover just a third of college costs, whereas they covered […]

Will Students and Workers Save the Universities? Giving Thanks for the Disobedient

A piece by Marc Bousquet from Brainstorm: Yesterday [November 18] the University of California Regents walked into a room packed with gasoline and nonchalantly lit their cigars — handing down tuition increases that will hike 2010 rates 44 percent over 2008, turning higher ed into a gated community for the offspring of California’s “Real Housewives” […]


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