Please welcome the inimitable and pollster’s worst nightmare Mercedes Schneider to @thechalkface

Check out her author bio and page here. Her great analysis joins our team. We are excited.

Some back of the napkin descriptive stats on national teachers of the year

Literally, back of a napkin because I’m at a coffee shop. Congrats to Jeff Charbonneau on being awarded National Teacher of the Year. I’m not very familiar with how they’re chosen (read: not at all familiar). But I was curious so I looked up some info on the program and did some counting. I have no […]

Before I lose my mind, will someone look at this exchange?

I wrote a piece for GOOD Magazine a little while ago. The first sentence is as follows: Our public education system, with all of its admitted flaws, manages to nurture the vast majority of young people, many of whom go on to be hugely successful. Pretty intuitive statement, kind of commonsense, no? Well, there’s a […]

@thechalkface and @slekar, At the Chalk Face, 5PM EDT today, talking test data and #optout

@thechalkface and @slekar, At the Chalk Face, 5PM EDT today, talking test data and #optout Join us at 5PM EDT today (one hour earlier, sorry). We’re talking with LA educator Dr. Mercedes Schneider who demolishes school evaluation data. Then, onto the opt out at Garfield HS in Seattle. Chat’s open, live tweet @thechalkface.

Our priorities in public #edreform are beyond messed up (wanted to use another word)

So, yeah, the husband of one of my students is a history teacher at what sounds like an abhorrent Baltimore City high school. I was astounded for some reason, when there was so much else to be astounded by, when he said that of the 130 students he has on his roster each day, he […]

A visual for #valueadded or #VAM to help you understand #teacher #evaluation

You get it now, right?


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