@DCSDFagen pushing propaganda: “No Shelter” for Professional teachers.

In this video Liz Fagen (Douglas County Schools Superintendent in Colorado) attempts to spew mythology concerning market place tactics for employing and keeping teachers (pay for performance). First let it be known that since 1710, market principles such as merit pay have been tried to motivate and keep teachers. The result was a narrowed curriculum which […]

@NPR @WHYY does #optout story. Cuts United Opt Out’s voice of truth, ME!

On Monday morning when I got to my desk I noticed that the voice mail light was blinking on my phone.  I picked up the receiver and went through the steps to retrieve my messages.  There was only one and it was a producer from NPR the WHYY affiliate (Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware) inquiring about my […]

2014 Educators’ Agenda

Begin a movement to create and fund Deliver for America, temporary driver pool to replace full-time drivers at FedEx. (See FedEx Celebrating Holidays with TFA Donations.) Call for a nation-wide evaluation of political leaders based on value added methods measuring their positive impact on the people they represent; standardized tests administered for every elected official should include […]

New Mexico Grad Requirements Mean Trouble

Did you hear? We'll be proving college readiness by taking a test on the nutritional value of Ramen noodles and bologna.

Just in time for high school juniors and seniors to give thanks for all that Hanna Skandera has given them (headaches, stress, prescriptions for anti-migraine medications), the New Mexico Public [sic] Education Department has released its final version of the requirements needed to graduate with a diploma.  This is great news!  It means that the […]

Two Questions for Commissioner Deborah Gist

Commissioner Gist of Rhode Island has taken to the op-ed pages to defend standardized testing, going so far as to declare that Too often, standardized tests become a convenient stand-in for the ills of our education system. People frequently blame assessments for less-than-inspired teaching. Really? Is that your experience, Ms. Gist? If you ask the […]

Open Letter to NY Ed Commissioner John King: Thank You!


Dr. King, Thank you for mobilizing the parents and students of New York State! As one of my good friends said earlier this week, the two most important people behind the New York testing revolt are Dr. John King and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. If you’re sitting in your office today, wondering how this all came […]

The School-to-Workforce Pipeline: At Least it isn’t Prison

Sorry, Joe.  You missed the profile by just a bit.

Have you applied for a job online recently?  I’m sure that at least some of the 12.3 million unemployed Americans have.  Thank goodness for the Internet, right?  Instead of “pounding the pavement,” as my mother used to call it, you can just click your way through a dozen job applications online each day.  It sounds […]

Edy the Warrior


I have never been to Austin, Texas, so I have no idea how clean it is.  I know that the slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas,” is very well known in the U.S. (and that littering fines can be hefty), but corporate reform fighters like Edy Chamness are giving that slogan a new meaning. The Texas […]

I’m a little pissed off, and here’s why

So, I went to visit one of my former student teachers today who is teaching third grade in Baltimore City. She was one of the best I had in my cohort last year. She is a very nice person, a creative person, and was successful in all of her experiences last year. I would also […]

#optout of high stakes testing: it’s possible, you know #akin


#optout of high stakes testing: it's possible, you know #akin

Just exploiting a little current event for the benefit of resisting “forcible” education reforms.

#Edreform #madlib, share, and submit here for fun


#Edreform #madlib, share, and submit here for fun

The image links to a PDF copy. Download, complete it, and submit it here so they can be posted.

Adults enduring the tests, what a novel idea

The Answer Sheet reports on a school board member who actually took a 10th grade test to see what we’re asking our students to endure, and ultimately what we’re forcing our educators to teach. I encourage anyone to experiment with this and see if they still have their sanity.

Official United Opt Out Postcards!!

Official United Opt Out Postcards from Zazzle.com.

Me, in my office, reading our #optout #demands for #occupydoe

Here you go. Enjoy and share widely.  

Am I an #education activist?

Although I’ve already outed myself, I’ve been outed once again in the Washington Post. Great piece though, thanks for the exposure Valerie Strauss.


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