Allow me to revisit the previous #SOTU on #education

SOTU Wordle

Much, much ado about what the President will say about education in tomorrow’s SOTU address. The Answer Sheet has what SHOULD be said. But I’m revisiting a post I have up here from the previous SOTU speech. The image to the left is a Wordle graphic of the speech. Notice how, from the transcript, the word […]

Michelle Rhee is a terrible comedian

Something was brought to my attention just yesterday and I thought I’d investigate. Emperor Rhee Palpatine is all over the place because of her new book. I was told that she impersonated an African-American student during a welcome speech to DCPS teachers a couple of years back. As it turns out, Bill Turque for DC […]

#Wordle of Jeb Bush’s speech at the #RNC2012

Jeb Bush

I don’t know how much we can discern from this. I see two things, maybe three. One, strong nod to students, nothing surprising there. A very appealing message. Two, heavy reliance on executive authority to determine the future of education. Perhaps it’s because he was governor and also referring to Governor Romney in his speech. […]

Great speech to the school board in Miami-Dade, FL

There’s a lot of anti-union stuff going on in Florida right now, especially measures that actually hinder the ability of teachers to actually do their job in a way that makes them successful. It’s almost as if these M-F’ers want public school teachers to fail their students. Could that be it? Here’s the speech:


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