@dianeravitch makes suggestions on education for #obama #sotu, could we bag the competition?

Here they are, via Bill Moyers. She makes two main suggestions:  First, we must end the pressure on teachers to teach to the test… Second, we must strengthen and improve our public schools. I support both of these, but I just really don’t agree with the fundamental premise here. I realize that Moyers was asking various […]

Allow me to revisit the previous #SOTU on #education

SOTU Wordle

Much, much ado about what the President will say about education in tomorrow’s SOTU address. The Answer Sheet has what SHOULD be said. But I’m revisiting a post I have up here from the previous SOTU speech. The image to the left is a Wordle graphic of the speech. Notice how, from the transcript, the word […]

The #SOTU and #education hints at quite a bit missing

Education Week reports on the State of the Union and what it had to say about education. “Teachers matter. So instead of bashing them, or defending the status quo, let’s offer schools a deal. Give them the resources to keep good teachers on the job, and reward the best ones,” he said. “In return, grant […]

#Wordle for #SOTU #education

SOTU Wordle

Just for kicks, I created a quick Wordle for the education chunk in the SOTU.  It turned out kind of interesting, and funny.  When I copied and pasted the text from the speech online, the word “applause” was included.  That ended up being the most important word, it seems, which is interesting.  In terms of […]

#SOTU for #education

Oh, I guess I have to offer some kind of SOTU educational analysis.  I don’t know, first off, I never really get pumped by political speeches.  They seem kind of corny.  And I’m not too cynical.  I just don’t wake up everyday and celebrate being American.  Maybe if I had more experience is less affluent […]


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