Myself and others will be part of an SOS webinar on our Occupy2.0 event

Here’s the link, and the blurb: To Occupy or be Occupied, that is the question.  In reality, perhaps the greater question is are we, in this country, preoccupied with high-stakes testing, and teaching only The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] courses? Do we score our youth and define them, their teachers, and schools as successes […]

Happy birthday to @stephrrivera, check out one of her posts here

Here was a recent post by Stephanie. Hope to hear from her again soon.

Bob George Lies Again About Corporate Connections

Just before I posted last week on the continued crumbling of SOS under the non-leadership of the Catatpult Learning Vice President, Bob George, I talked with a former Board member who told me there was a rumor afloat that Bob George was retiring from Catapult.  Could Corporate Bob’s intentional mismanaging and steering of SOS into […]

Future of SOS Hinges on Repudiation of Common Core

Today Stephen Krashen posted a letter at EPATA by Bess Altwerger, co-founder of Save Our Schools.  In it she makes a strong case for SOS voting to put its full weight forward in opposing, blocking, and dismantling the next high-stakes testing deliver system, the Common Core State [sic] Standards.  Will this letter make a difference? […]

Bob George Lies to Ed Week


Yesterday Ed Week published a sad gloss on Save Our Schools, which has gone from a fire-breathing operation in 2011 to a small band of conventional conventioneers working under the non-coordination of corporate VP, Bob George. And as may be expected, Bob George is mentioned prominently in the Ed Week piece, even though the term […]

What Did SOS Get Nailed Down at This Year’s Platform-Building Event?

For Dennis van Roekel apologists who advertised this year’s three-day SOS speechifying event at a DC Marriot as a platform-building opportunity for the enemies of corporate ed reform, I will ask the simple question:  Where’s the Platform?  After all, if you are going to find a bunch of naive recruits to distribute another impassioned “position […]

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students stand up against high stakes testing, corporate education reform. Blogger Nikhil Goyal Common Core and Race to the Top are destructive. Day 33: SOS Convention and Featured in Newsday Posted: August 4, 2012 | Author: Nikhil Goyal | Filed under: Posts |2 Comments » Today, I had a fabulous time at the Save Our Schools […]

Talking with the Gates Foundation, or Seeking the Light and Buying the Hype

Some weeks back I prompted a series of liberal conniption fits among the SOS upper ranks (are there any other ranks among attendees of the upcoming “People’s Convention”?), when I had the gall to point out that some may be reading a conflict of interest in the SOS Board’s composition.  Specifically, I was referring to […]

Is SOS Being Hijacked by Corporate Education Insiders?

When the status quo of any of our social institutions is prodded or challenged to change, those who benefit from the status quo will rise up to protect their interests.  And when the status quo is worth billions, as in the case of the testing industrial complex and the corporate choke hold on public schooling, […]

The Full Schedule for Occupy the DOE March 30-April 2

Be in DC this weekend!  But if you can’t, watch it all on LiveStream.   Details here. Occupy the DOE in DC, Friday, March 30th: Take Our Message to Capitol Hill10:00 a.m. Welcome Rally at the DOE!!!!  United Opt Out Administrators speak up:   Morna McDermott McNulty, Laurie Murphy,  Peggy Robertson, Tim Slekar and Ceresta Smith.  Why […]

If The Plan Is to Kill Us With Tests, Then We Will Kill the Tests

As Michael Winerip points out in his commentary below, the line has been drawn between those who believe that a 26 point margin or error is good enough to make high stakes education policy decisions, and those who now ask Cuomo, Bloomberg, Duncan, and Gates: “Have you no shame?” Join us in Occupying the DOE […]

Cooperative catalyst and the #bloggermarch

Dude, check it. That is all. Cooperative Catalyst, cool title, great cause.

New #HuffPo piece on the #SOSMarch

Here is it is, enjoy. And leave comments to keep the conversation going!

Why Diane Ravitch Is Marching on July 30

From Ed Week: I will be marching with the Save Our Schools coalition of teachers and parents on July 30 in Washington, D.C. I know you will be, too. I hope we are joined by many thousands of concerned citizens who want to save our schools from the bad ideas and bad policies now harming […]


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