Tim and I are off again today, so here’s our studio interview with Dr. Jed Hopkins

We’re taking some time off after recording a bunch of studio shows. For your listening pleasure, here’s a studio show from July 2013 with one of Slekar’s colleagues, Dr. Jed Hopkins. We get into some insightful international comparisons.

I am “outing” myself… sort of, with the Kinder Chronicles, Part One.

Close friends and associates know me by name, Shaun Johnson.  No, I’m not the gymnast. I tried as best as I could to go by a pseudonym because, well, I caught a lot of flak from my former supervisors in higher education because of my views. That is, skeptical and largely against Common Core, critical […]

Article I authored available #openaccess in the journal Workplace #highered

You can access the article here from the journal’s website. It’s going to be one of a few others in an upcoming print edition. Basically, it recalls my first year or so as someone who has increased efforts in direct advocacy for public schools. It has been challenging in many ways and the article flushes […]

Special episode of At the Chalk Face tonight, 9PM EST/6PM PST

We’ve invited a great guest, which is why the special day and time: Alexia Garcia, student organizer of a Portland boycott of the OAKS test. Probably the best test acronym by far. There’s some information here I’ll quote from Education Week, which is in turn from OregonLive: Alexia Garcia, a Lincoln High School senior, said […]

Join us At the Chalk Face tomorrow with guest @dianeravitch

Listen here on Blog Talk Radio.  But remember, you can join us every week at 6PM EDT. Or, listen to previous episodes for free at BTR or take them with you on iTunes. I’ve made it pretty easy for you.

Where are we on the so-called #parent #trigger laws?

This is my opinion. What I might say here could be controversial. Here it goes. As I’ve stated before in another forum, parents are NOT experts in education, as they are not experts in medicine (unless you’re an actual physician, or an educator). You take your child to a doctor to receive treatment. You send […]

Two items from @huffingtonpost #education that I think you need to read, right now!!

The first is, of course, my latest on the STEM and Technology crazes in education reform right now. The thesis: one, that folks are merely replacing science with STEM in the mad pursuit to be the most compliant with mandates and two, that there is an unyielding faith in the riches of education technology by […]

Second @thechalkface available on the WTDY website, @slekar

Here’s the link, check it out. We chat with Bill Ayers.

@thechalkface debut show available for mp3 download, click the link to download or enjoy the hell out of it here, @slekar @unitedoptout

Download here or listen below:

At the Chalk Face, #edreform radio going national, this Sunday on WTDY FM Madison, WI, with our first guest @dianeravitch. Pass along, listen online

Final One Page

Who would have thought, I rinky-dink little podcast I started about two years ago would make it to syndicated talk radio? But here it is, professionally done, coming up this Sunday with our first guest Diane Ravitch. Perhaps this is unremarkable, I don’t know. But I don’t have a publicist or any actual support for […]

Check out the new promo for At the Chalk Face, can’t help but giggle

Here’s the quick promo for a nationally syndicated radio show that Tim and I recorded early January. There’s a clip from our interview with Diane Ravitch. She’s a good sport! Sounds great, disseminate widely people!

Episode 40 of At the Chalk Face, #progressive #education #podcast on #blogtalkradio

Tim and I just finished up, you can have a listen here. We went a little Arne Duncan go-nuts today, but there was a lot to talk about.

Episode 40 of At the Chalk Face, #progressive #education #podcast, tomorrow at 10AM

A pre-holiday treat for everyone. Enjoy! We’re going to talk a whole lot about Arne Duncan, a lot going on with him this last week or so.

#Atthechalkface today at 1:30 on #blogtalkradio, episode 35

An early show today, check it out, progressive education chat! We’ll discuss vouchers, teacher evaluations, and the eradication of creativity in schools. Listen live or an archive, enjoy.

On #charter #schools in the suburbs

Did I ever post this? I don’t think so. Well, here it is again if I did, a conversation about the potential for charters and choice in suburban areas that tend, well, not to need them so much.


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