Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed

Account of a trans man’s experiences as a high school teacher, via buzzfeed Consider reading it. Interesting.

Have you seen this apology from a high school teacher? #highered

I’m really liking Ken Bernstein’s apology to higher education faculty from a high school teacher. Actually, it’s a warning. A warning, it is. From my experience, I just started recently teaching freshmen who could have been fifth graders I taught years ago at the pre-dawn of NCLB. Unfortunately, I don’t have the kind of perspective […]

My discussant notes on #standardized #testing at #ncss

Just for shits and giggles, I’m posting the notes I took as a discussant for a panel on teaching controversial issues. I wrote it quick, thought it might make for a nice blog post at some point. Who knows, here’s the statement: I’m in elementary, teach methods, supervisor in schools, teach in a dc charter […]

Saving the MD #HSA #government

I’m not a secondary person, but I think Jay has it right here as he seems to understand the nuanced relationship teachers have with standardized tests. As an active member of the MD Council for Social Studies, I received emails in support of keeping the MD HSA government assessment. It’s all part of this can’t […]

Administrative moxie

On second thought, no not really.  I came across this entry today from Jay Mathews at the Washington Post on the courageous actions of a Maryland school principal who gave a bunch of struggling students an ultimatum: study or go.  Yet again, we have the tale of a brave administrator willing to weather the perfect […]


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