While so-called “priority” schools languish in Washington, DC, all from low-income black and brown neighborhoods, I am to understand that PTA/PTO/HSA organizations in more affluent areas of our nation’s capital are able to raise upwards of $500K additional funds to, for instance, hire full-time paraprofessionals in every class. A half-a-million dollars.  Are you kidding me? […]

It isn’t. Well, not exactly. It shouldn’t, at least, be framed entirely that way. A “calling” to me implies religious or spiritual significance. For teachers, are they expected to walk through hot coals, endure a thousand lashes, for the sake of the children? After all, they are flesh and blood human beings with needs, desires, […]

[Editor’s note: An early draft version was posted in error.  This has been corrected.]*Guest Post by John Loflin, Education-Community Action Team.  johnharrisloflin@yahoo.com Past and present: Eugenics, standardized tests, and politics of school reform: Hoosier connections and challenges  “If such a thing as a psycho-analysis of today’s prototypical culture were possible such an investigation    would […]

Just as I was about to start writing this an image that springs out of my “cultural” heritage popped into my head. In the movie The Breakfast Club, the man of superior conscience turns out to be Carl, the janitor.  Do you remember?  I’m pretty sure none of the teens in the movie will turn out […]