To those who would argue for flat funding for all schools

While so-called “priority” schools languish in Washington, DC, all from low-income black and brown neighborhoods, I am to understand that PTA/PTO/HSA organizations in more affluent areas of our nation’s capital are able to raise upwards of $500K additional funds to, for instance, hire full-time paraprofessionals in every class. A half-a-million dollars.  Are you kidding me? […]

Parents Opting Out of Tests: What is Your Goal?

Causing trouble can be a full-time job!

After doing a segment on the local Albuquerque news channel about refusing the state tests, I received a few responses. Most were questions or suggestions for the website, which were all very good.  Then, I received a letter that was full of stuff I’ve heard over and over again, and to which I’ve responded too […]

Bullying by Numbers: Value-Added Measures

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If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the evaluation focus for public education has moved quickly away from students and rapidly towards teachers and schools.  The propaganda is everywhere, and too many people are convinced by the mantra, “the greatest factor of student success is the teacher in the classroom.”  I don’t know who […]

Just a quick thought on teaching as a “calling.”

It isn’t. Well, not exactly. It shouldn’t, at least, be framed entirely that way. A “calling” to me implies religious or spiritual significance. For teachers, are they expected to walk through hot coals, endure a thousand lashes, for the sake of the children? After all, they are flesh and blood human beings with needs, desires, […]

Past and Present: Eugenics, Standardized Tests, and the Politics of School Reform–Hoosier connections and challenges

[Editor’s note: An early draft version was posted in error.  This has been corrected.]*Guest Post by John Loflin, Education-Community Action Team. Past and present: Eugenics, standardized tests, and politics of school reform: Hoosier connections and challenges  “If such a thing as a psycho-analysis of today’s prototypical culture were possible such an investigation    would […]

A new meme: #reformshaming

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Thank you Pet & Dog shaming for the inspiration. I suggest you make your own as well.

Schools as Community Centers

My friend, Dr. Mark Naison, wrote a beautiful piece a while ago about his vision for education, which he graciously allowed me to reprint.  I loved his idea of schools as community centers.  I wanted to talk to about that for a minute: I’ve worked in schools that began using their personnel and resources to […]

Carl, Get Your Gun

Just as I was about to start writing this an image that springs out of my “cultural” heritage popped into my head. In the movie The Breakfast Club, the man of superior conscience turns out to be Carl, the janitor.  Do you remember?  I’m pretty sure none of the teens in the movie will turn out […]

Distractions Are Us, Progress Tells Us So!

A friend posted this article from the Nov. 1, NYT to his Facebook page the other day: “Technology Is Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say.” I’ll note that “a version” of this was published as “For Better and for Worse, Technology Use Alters Learning Styles, Teachers Say” in the print edition.  You decide if the […]

Schools (Don’t?) Matter, Nor Does Creativity

Okay, I’ll confess to being less than tactful most of the time.  But I gotta tell you, I’m pretty sick of one particular complaint that I hear (rather, read) again and again on education sites and FB pages dedicated to parent organizations against testing regimes in public education: “Your stealing my child’s creativity!” First, there’s […]

Students vs. Students?

Well, I have to say, asked to become a blogger At The Chalk Face is quite the honor. My name is Stephanie Rivera, and some of you may know me from…or some of you may have no idea what in the world that website is. That is my personal blog on issues in education, […]

#Public #schools in #crisis?

Although I admire and agree with the perspectives in this piece, is it really helpful to constantly invoke “crisis” rhetoric? Identifying schools in crisis, while mentioning poverty as a primary cause, to me implies that schools are meant to solve poverty. Am I right? Should we look to schools to ameliorate poverty, or the other […]

From the #NEA on #bullying

A teacher in one of the schools where I supervise student teachers brought this up to me today. I guess my post about bullying made it to a larger piece in NEA Today. Nice, I had no idea. But where did they get THAT picture? Interesting.

Tom the Dancing Bug = awesome

Brown v Board of Education after 55 years

Fifty-five years ago today the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously issued Earl Warren’s opinion in Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, in which it stated unequivocally that Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. And yet even after 55 years the promise of the Brown decision we still have not overcome what is […]


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