A year and two ago this month, how far we have/not come?

Posts from July 2012. This is What You Might Think When You’re Going Into #TFA Will #AFT Convention Draw a Line in the Sand? Why All the Khan-troversy? Talking with the Gates Foundation, or Seeking the Light and Buying the Hype Do those who like the #commoncore know the facts? (We miss you Stephen Krashen. Come back to us!) Posts from […]

Official first day of our partnership with Schools Matter

As we announced late last week, we formed a partnership with the longstanding education blog Schools Matter. We began to see our goals and ideologies dovetail increasingly over the months and years, deciding that together we are stronger. You’ll notice some slight variations to our homepage layout. I thought we may need to take the […]

ANNOUNCEMENT: At the Chalk Face and Schools Matter to join forces

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 10.10.13 AM

To our readers: vaunted education blog Schools Matter is joining At the Chalk Face. The transition is already underway, but will be completed for a Monday “release.” The website will be down for a time on Sunday in order to reorganize our content. We want to preserve the identities of both as we host them […]

Enjoy a round-up of posts from around the #edreform blogosphere

Let’s first take a look at a round-up of interesting posts today, more later: Yinzercation publishes a great list of Opt Out FAQs Optimization Zorn, the strange futuristic sounding company testing four-year olds in TX Schools Matter reposts a potential boycott of MSNBC from our own Slek. And, lest we needed any more proof, education […]

Courtesy of Schools Matter: the #commoncore or #ccss

More will probably come out about this. But, as a faculty member of higher education, I sat through a “professional development” on the common core today. No dialogue, no discussion. It was just an entire college of education being told what to do. This is the future of the university. Here’s a fitting quote in […]

#Schoolsmatter and endorsing the #opt #out

Some pretty strong language here: check it out at Schools Matter!

#Schoolsmatter picked up on our #blogtalkradio show #atthechalkface

Good deal, thanks SchoolsMatter! And Tim and I will probably be doing a quick show tomorrow, so look for an announcement.

#Schoolsmatter asks an interesting question about #Rhee’s contract

The circulation of the Rhee speaking contract continues, although they chose a pretty ominous looking photo while simultaneously suggesting a bout of nausea. I didn’t go there, they did.

#Schoolsmatter posts our demands for #OccupyWallStreet

Check it.

#Bargaining in #Indiana

After living in Bloomington, IN for four years and working with many teachers in the area, it hits close to home when educators lose their rights for no reason, and I mean no reason. It stings a bit more than, say, what happened in Wisconsin. But the argument against removal of bargaining rights is made […]


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