1 down, 179 to go!

Inasmuch as we have so much to resist, there’s still much to feel good about. And much to feel terrified of as well. I’m still nervous. Happy First Day!

Expect a regular series on saving a school

As some of you may know, I walked away from a position in higher education to return to the elementary classroom. With roughly 13 years of experience in education, and two advanced degrees, even rather late in the hiring cycle, I had my pick of teaching positions in Washington, DC. I immediately chose, without hesitation, […]

Guest Post: Here’s to a Progressive/Conservative Movement to Take Back Our Schools

We met the other day in the kitchen of a retired teacher. We were quite the mix of people, with a far right conservative and a far left progressive; long­time retired teachers, and currently working teachers; elementary teachers, high school teachers and a university teacher. Despite our differences, we all came together out of a […]

I have some concerns about the #studentvoice in #edreform

I will keep this brief. I have other things to do. But I have some concerns that I feel like I need to air to see if I’ve got this correct or if anyone else is feeling it too. Right now, groups on numerous sides of the education reform debate are finally asking students to […]

A Little Too Ironic

Maybe you’re not 44 and so are not conversant with the movie Reality Bites (its genesis and presentation 20 years past), but I am. The down-and-out 20-something “losers” (heed my punctuation, please) in that film did not exemplify me.  I had a job as an English teacher in a parochial high school in St. Louis, […]

#CNN on cable, interesting description

Interesting observation this AM as I watched CNN. I have FIOS cable (not a paid endorsement by @TCF) and the description for CNN was listed as follows: National and International news especially formatted for the classroom. Huh. How about that? What does formatting for the classroom mean? Probably has to do with the kinds of […]

The fabled #superteacher

Great piece in the LA Times about the unreasonable demands for teachers to be extraordinary, that you’re either good or bad, no in between. I read some history of education, discussing the common school movement, stating that the conventional wisdom at the time was wrong: you can’t fill every classroom with “born teachers,” just like […]

Another word on #Teach for #America, or #TFA

If you have a corps of individual teachers with relatively high turnover, what’s the incentive for maintaining a school for posterity? In other words, why would an individual who can either be out in two years, has some knowledge of not staying in the profession long-term, or has another way out (not a career in […]


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