Maybe you’re not 44 and so are not conversant with the movie Reality Bites (its genesis and presentation 20 years past), but I am. The down-and-out 20-something “losers” (heed my punctuation, please) in that film did not exemplify me.  I had a job as an English teacher in a parochial high school in St. Louis, […]

Interesting observation this AM as I watched CNN. I have FIOS cable (not a paid endorsement by @TCF) and the description for CNN was listed as follows: National and International news especially formatted for the classroom. Huh. How about that? What does formatting for the classroom mean? Probably has to do with the kinds of […]

Great piece in the LA Times about the unreasonable demands for teachers to be extraordinary, that you’re either good or bad, no in between. I read some history of education, discussing the common school movement, stating that the conventional wisdom at the time was wrong: you can’t fill every classroom with “born teachers,” just like […]

If you have a corps of individual teachers with relatively high turnover, what’s the incentive for maintaining a school for posterity? In other words, why would an individual who can either be out in two years, has some knowledge of not staying in the profession long-term, or has another way out (not a career in […]