I will be in-studio for an interview on @EmpowerDC radio show today

Here’s the show’s synopsis for my visit: Topic: Malcolm X elementary was slated to close at the end of the 2012-2013 school year, however, it was removed as DCPS chancellor Kaya Henderson had other plans for it.  These plans included co-locating Achievement Prep charter school in the same school building and eventually blending the two […]

Digging deeper into the principal controversy in Newark, NJ #p2


Have you been following it? We have. There may be some connections to the bullying tactics of the Christie administration. There might not be. I don’t know. But what happened Newark in recent days is part and parcel of the assault on meaningful conversations in education, especially when it challenges prevailing reform interests. We’re starting […]

Death Penalty for Failing Schools?

http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/buffalo-public-schools/coumo-urges-death-penalty-for-failing-schools-20130829 So, then there’s this……….Governor Cuomo calling for a “death penalty” for failing schools. Great…….so school communities get to choose their method of execution. And, honestly, I’ve been wondering where my excitement for the start of the school year has gone? Previously, ‘failing’ as been defined by both the Governor and the Commissioner as ‘academic’ […]

Class-action status denied in Chicago. Ok. But…

In a suit to halt school closures, a judge denies class-action status to African-American and special needs students and families suing CPS. Huh. I’m no lawyer. But don’t they organize students into, you know, classes in school? Class of 2013, 2014, and such? Class rings, classroom, class rank?  Schools are all about tracking, sorting, grouping, […]

A tale of two communities saying no

Global reforms are just that.  Global.  The same damage is being inflicted worldwide to schools in large and small communities, causing distress and doing nothing to improve education.  Often quite the opposite. This is Cedar, a small community in Canada.  I only heard about Cedar because my gorgeous friend James lives there.  James isn’t a […]

More episodes of schooling in a not so “post-racial” America


Imagine the impact if Obama spoke out emphatically against racism in other aspects of U.S. society. Unfortunately, all too often, Obama and others in the Black elite, along with liberals in the Democratic Party, avoid discussing race and racism, even when it is evident and obvious. — Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Neither of these items are breaking […]

The palpable racism of school closures

There I said it. School closure policies are racist. Not necessarily bigoted, but indeed racist. Look up the difference.

It’s over.

This will perhaps be one of my most depressing posts on education in recent years. It’s over. This is on the heels of massive and unprecedented school closures in Chicago. It is now officially over. Are you familiar with the myth of Cassandra, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba, who was cursed with accurate predilection, […]

NCLB Waivers Allow Hostile Corporate Takeovers of Schools

Thanks to Stan Karp for this compilation: Lawmakers seek to end N.J. takeover of schools The Record Paterson would gain control of its public school system for the first time in 21 years under legislation introduced by Democrats that also would limit future state takeovers to five years, lawmakers announced Friday. “It’s time for the […]

Prince Bloomberg Must Obey Law: School Closures Halted

In a rebuke of the Little Dictator of Manhattan, the Courts have ruled. From NYTimes: A judge on Friday blocked the closing of 19 schools for poor performance, finding the city engaged in “significant violations” of the new state law governing mayoral control of city schools. The ruling, a setback to one of Mayor Michael […]

Arne Duncan’s Chicago Charade Goes National

From Democrcacy Now: When President Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, was the head of Chicago’s Public Schools, his office kept a list of powerful, well-connected people who asked for help getting certain children into the city’s best public schools. The list—long kept confidential—was disclosed this week by the Chicago Tribune. We speak with the Chicago […]


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