Alexander Russo’s vicious attack on Weigand Elementary School Teachers


Photo courtesy of LS4C1. Alexander Russo’s vicious attack on LAUSD’s Weigand Elementary School teachers should be noted by everyone. In a piece where he gleefully sides with AEI’s Hess’ smear on the distinguished Professor Ravitch, he also decides to take aim at the hardworking women and men teaching at the school recently shot up by […]

A new management organization for school leaders, LEE

So, I’ve heard of a new educational leadership management, business-ey organization called Leadership for Educational Equity. Sounds nice. Russo has something up about it in This Week in Education. Calls it a TFA spin-off. Nice. That’s just what we need. Russo also says the website is pretty sparse, no way to tell what’s about to […]

Once more Alex Russo afflicts the afflicted and comforts the comfortable

“I want to work with people who have relevant experience in our neighborhoods, whose kids go to the same schools mine do, and who believe in the self-determination of all communities. I do not appreciate the dominant-culture control of the ‘reformers’ who parachute in, a la Peace Corps style, to show us Brown and Black […]

#Opt #Out Day made @alexanderrusso and This Week in #Education, and thanks go to @teacherken as well

Doesn’t that logo look just magnificent? Apparently, I was informed that the logo could have cost a design firm roughly $50,000 to make. Some marketing folks confided in a friend all of these great things about the logo. And here I thought I was afraid it would look too much like a pair of testicles. […]

On #teacher #respect, more like lip-service

I agree that non-classroom staff is essential to a successful school. I’ve often read that the secretaries actually run the place and, if you piss off the custodian, good luck getting the heat fixed. To joke a little bit, I mean, do teachers actually enjoy some kind of respect that would be enviable to custodians […]


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