Newark Student walkout today, check out the video #stuvoice

Myself and others will be part of an SOS webinar on our Occupy2.0 event

Here’s the link, and the blurb: To Occupy or be Occupied, that is the question.  In reality, perhaps the greater question is are we, in this country, preoccupied with high-stakes testing, and teaching only The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [STEM] courses? Do we score our youth and define them, their teachers, and schools as successes […]

Corporate Insider, Bob George, Named Steering Committee National Director for SOS

Below is the first paragraph from a post I put up in 2006, which lists Catapult Learning as one of the fat leeches sucking dollars from ED during the heyday of NCLB.   The coming of the neocons to ED has meant that subjects other than reading, math, and behavior control have been shoved aside […]

Beware the fair-weather foils of #HST

Here’s a great story on NPR about the Seattle test boycott.  By the way, have you heard our interview with Seattle teacher Jessie Hagopian? Well, you should. You know, within the circles I run, there’s a lot of support out there for the various schools in the Seattle area who’ve taken this very courageous move. […]

What the hell is #saveourschools doing right now? #soschat

Just curious, any thoughts? Hello?

Investors Seek to Profit from Privatization of Public Schools

From Real News Network

SOSchools refuses to stand against the #ccss… Explicitly, that is

A little inside baseball. I'm confused. The Save Our Schools organization, or at least a few of its key members, refuses to come out against the Common Core. I've been participating in a little email conversation that is an exercise in complete frustration and confusion. Basically, someone proposed a very explicit statement against the common […]

Parents, Teachers and Citizens Organize to Save Public Education

With three months before the election, parents, teachers and citizens join in fight to save public schools and end the reign of high stakes testing as a weapon of mass destruction.  Instead of just one tool, or measurement of ability in a particular area, the tests have produced a steady stream of cash for those […]

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students Want a Voice in Ed Policy

Students stand up against high stakes testing, corporate education reform. Blogger Nikhil Goyal Common Core and Race to the Top are destructive. Day 33: SOS Convention and Featured in Newsday Posted: August 4, 2012 | Author: Nikhil Goyal | Filed under: Posts |2 Comments » Today, I had a fabulous time at the Save Our Schools […]

Gearing Up for Save Our Schools Convention DC 2012

Hi. I’m James Boutin and I teach high school in Washington State. Tim and Shaun invited me to contribute to @ the chalk face a few months ago, and I’ve only now (that I’m not teaching every day) found the time to post something. Since it’s my first time posting here, I thought I’d make […]

Another very trusted eyewitness account of silence and discrimination at #NEARA2012

With all of the attacks from right-wing conservatives, both the NEA and AFT are on notice from pro-labor union folks like myself, and all of the authors on this website: discontinue reinforcing traditional power structures and executive, top-down hierarchies and welcome fresh faces, new leadership, and a diversity of views. Read and weep for labor’s, […]

Follow the recent controversy on the #CCSS over at #SOSChat, see what you think

A great organization, Save Our Schools, whom I’ve supported since the beginning, is going through a little strive right now, internally and externally, because of the common core. I don’t know how I feel about it and @thechalkface has been relatively neutral in the debate. At least I have. But I am troubled with how […]

Arne Duncan, Let My People Go!

Occupy the Department of Education, sponsored by United Opt Out, took place in DC March 30 – April 2, 2012. The quantitative numbers were somewhat low for an Occupy protest but from a qualitative standpoint, the event was a huge success. Teachers, parents, concerned citizens and academics gathered for four straight days outside the DoED. […]

Join In and Opt Out: Become a Difference That Makes A Difference

Join In and Opt Out: Become a Difference That Makes A Difference

The only way to stop the madness is to stop the madness. The last hundred years of rewarding test scores based on social class and economic privilege and calling it objectivity, science, or meritocracy has been brought into stark relief against the reality of hungry children living in cars during the not-so-great Depression we are […]

The vaunted New York Principals getting more attention, hear that #sosmaryland?

I send out information to thousands of folks in the DC metro area regarding activities with the Save Our Schools organization. I get regular emails now from the group New York Principals since I’ve personally voice my support of their efforts resisting these silly evaluations, ones that make a mockery of education as a respectable […]


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